How to Use Birds Eye Chilli in Your Favourite Dishes?

Birds Eye Chilli
Birds Eye Chilli
Birds eye chilli is a core ingredient in Thai cuisines, giving dishes a rich red colour. They are also popularly known as Bird peppers because their stem appears like the eye of a bird. These chillies are very hot and hence a little quantity of them is enough to add a rich, spicy flavour and beautiful red colour to any dish. These are extremely pungent and very hot and are often used in South East Asian and Chinese cooking. In this post, we have busted out the various ways to use bird’s eye chilli in your dishes. So, let’s explore all of them!

Bird’s Eye Chilli in Soups

This spice is used in most Vietnamese soups to give them a flavourful and spicy taste. You can use uncut chilli to prepare tomato soup. Just make sure you remove the seeds before using it. Just cut the stem with a sharp knife and then cut it open from one side. Now, scrape off the seeds using a knife or a metal spoon. Your chilli is ready to use in soups. 

Bird’s Eye Chilli in Curries

Bird’s eye chilli is a central ingredient for most of the Thai curries. These chillies are extremely spicy and hot. So, depending on the level of spiciness you want in your food, you can add the desired quantity of chillies in your curry. The pith inside is hotter than the seeds. Some people believe that pith generates more heat than the seeds. It is because the inner part is closest to the stem and therefore is the hottest. Hence, if you don’t want your curry to be too spicy, you must remove the pith and then add the chilli to the curry along with other spices.

Bird’s Eye Chilli in Salads

Though this chilli is spicy, it can be chopped into fine pieces and then added to your favourite salad to give it a pungent and spicy taste. Adding bird’s eye chilli to salads is a great idea because these chillies are known to aid in weight loss.