How to Turn an Old Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop

Troubleshoot and install 

Installing the CPU begins by CPU bar unlocking. Proceed to open the CPU door and put the CPU in the correct direction, close the opening and lock. You should not forget to use the right amount of the thermal paste when installing the heat sink use an amount that is similar to that of a pea.  When installing other hardware like the motherboard you have to be careful because it is delicate, be careful when lining up the holes and add the screws to the standoffs. Ensure that the motherboard is secure but avoid over-tightening screws. Over tightening the screws may cause the board to bend.  After the motherboard is appropriately installed, whatever remains is simple. GPU will fit inside the PCIe slot. Ensure you get rid of all the expansion coverings. In case you have the M2 drive, install it appropriately to the motherboard’s slot. Use a small screw to secure it and avoid over-tightening it. After installing all the hardware including the fans and cables, you should test and troubleshoot them. And that is how to upgrade your laptop for gaming. 

Turn on your laptop 

Once everything is in place and looks as you desire it to be, plug in the power supply, press the power button and switch on your laptop. If all the components have a proper connection, you will see the BIOS screen of your motherboard. What you should do finally is installing an operating system of your choice and begin enjoying playing your games. In case everything does not pull out together on the first attempt, don’t worry, this occurs to most of us. Solving this problem is a simple fix.  Fortunately, your laptop will point out what is the problem, either on your BIOS menu or through error messages from the motherboard.