How to Re-felt a Pool Table

Isn’t the word “Pool” thrilling to you? Whenever I hear this, my heart leaps up with excitement when to use my Pool table. It feels so good when the ball rolls on the felt. A good quality Pool table lasts more than ten years. It requires minimal maintenance to use it for such a long time. Re-felt or felting is one kind of way to maintain the health of the table. 

How to refelt a pool table?

I want to tell you about “felt” before I let you know how to felt the table again. Felt is the fabric attached on the Pool table surface. This fabric loses the swiftness to roll the ball correctly over time. So, it becomes a necessary task to repair or change the felt.  Refelting isn’t hard as you may think. Before you buy your Pool tables again, it would be better to re-felt the older one. Following these below steps, you can easily refelt a Pool table:
  • Measure the table: Bring a measurement tape to know the length and width of the table. It’s actually to get the idea about how wide or long felt you need to replace. You should buy increased like 8-10 feet in width and length size felt than the size of the table. Buy according to the size. There are different color options of felts available at the market. It is an excellent way to give your table a new look.
  • Remove the rails: Now, take a crescent wrench and unscrew the bolts. These bolts connect the rails into the underneath of the table. You need to re-felt the tabletop beside the Pool rails. After removing them, keep them safely adjacent to the pool aligning at the same position. This prevents confusion like which rail is for which side. 
  • Take away the old felt: Pull out the pins of staples from the edges with a staple remover. Now, take the former, torn felt full. You can throw the old felt to your bin or use it for any household work. 
  • Bring new felt and check: Bring a new felt and check the size of it matches on the table or not. Don’t try to put low-quality felt having low-flexibility. It will get torn up faster. 
  • Lay the new felt: After you’ve got the right size of fabric, lay it down on the tabletop. Then inspect if there is any damages or stains. Take a sharp scissor and cut the felt with the border of the tabletop. Leave a bit more in width and length to refelt the rails. 
  • Attach the felt: Start attaching the felt into the Pool tabletop. A stapler can help you out. You should follow a specific way to staple the felt. Otherwise, it would be messy and time-consuming. Start attaching from the middle part of felt’s one end. Then attach the right and left edges both. Next move to the opposite end. Do the same thing as you did in the first end. But remember you shouldn’t give loose while stapling the felt. Next complete, the whole felt stapling. Keep the same distance among the staples and align them correctly. You need to cut slits on the Pool table pockets. Then wrap and attach the felt on the round edges of pockets. Then go for the rails. Wrap them with the attached felt. 
  • Assemble the table again: Pull or bring up the rails which you have kept beside the table. Put them to their original place. Use the crescent wrench again to attach them properly. Loosely tighten the bolts first. Then tight them slowly. Then insert the pocket liners on the table. Thus, you have completed all the necessary steps you needed. 

Tips for refelting a Pool table:

Keep the rails on the same position unless you want to attach the felt unevenly. Besides, you won’t be able to put the bolts faultlessly. Don’t pull the felt so tight that it gets torn up. Some fabrics, such as Simonis, tears faster when you pull it a bit tightly. You don’t need to change the thing every month. See the instruction manual of the Pool table if you have any. It can contain the rules of changing the felt. However, felts for re-felting the Pool table are available in affordable price. Install good quality felts so that you don’t need to take care again and again.