How To Make Your Andaman Trip A Memorable One?

Andaman Trip
Have you visited the paradise on Earth? If you haven’t then it is highly suggested that you book your Andaman holiday package right away. For years now, Andaman has been the favourite tourist destination for people from all corners if the world. The lush green vegetation, the crystal clear, blue waters, the diverse marine life, the beautiful, picturesque beaches, the plush resorts and last but not the least, the friendly people who always welcome tourists with arms wide open.  However, this is what everyone thinks of when it comes to Andaman. They surely make some good pictures but this is not enough to make memories. This article has highlighted some of the wildest and most fun things to do while on your Andaman trip.

Make sure you visit these places and do these things before you return from Andaman

It sure is a wonderful place to just relax and bide your time but Andaman has more to offer than just that. Thanks to services like Makruzz Online Booking, these activities are now being highlighted. Here are the 10 experiences that your Andaman trip would be totally incomplete without:
  1. Havelock Island (Bioluminescence) – the blue waters are filled with phytoplankton that glow in the dark waters. Rowing in boats above the floating galaxy is a blissful experience that you cannot afford to miss.
  2. Lighthouse (Scuba Diving) – you cannot come to Andaman and miss out on this exotic experience of going scuba diving during the night. This is place you must visit and an adventure you must be a part of.
  3. Havelock Island (Parasailing) – if you haven’t gone to Havelock Island then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Parasailing is the only way to get a beautiful elevated view of the deep ocean while flying in the clean Andaman air.
  4. Port Blair (sea plane) – if you haven’t travelled in a sea plan then you don’t know what you are missing out on. While in Andaman, make it a point to visit Port Blair and ride on a sea plane. 
  5. Mount Harriet (Trekking)– of all the things you could imagine doing in Andaman, trekking is surely not one of them. However, the Madhuban trek is one that is incomparable and one that you will never forget. 
  6. Baratang Island (Limestone Caves)–if you love to explore then you will love the Limestone Caves on the Baratang Islands. It never fails to amaze you. Also, the speed boat ride to the caves is something to look forward to.
  7. Island Hopping (Sunrise and Sunset) – the true beauty of Andaman lies in the beaches and the islands and there is no denying that. One of the most romantic things to do is go for island hopping. Make sure you do not miss the sunrise or the sunset from these islands for a more wholesome experience.
  8. Havelock Island (Dolphin watching) – get to Havelock Island and get ready for an experienced dog a lifetime as you take boat ride over clear blue waters with dolphins swimming around in it. Watch them play and chatter and make memories of a lifetime.
  9. Underwater walking – if you thought scuba diving was the end of it, you have another thing coming. Andaman offers a whole new experience of the marine life via underwater walking. This sport allows you to walk on the sea bed and take a look at the marine life, first hand.
  10. Mayabunder (Mangrove Kayaking) – if you love extreme sports and experiences that thrill, you cannot miss out on going Magrove Kayaking from Mayabunder. It is a thrill that you will not get elsewhere.
  11. Barren Island (Volcano tour) – experience the real life thrill of watching a real life volcano. You can reach Jarawa Creek by land or even by the sea. The volcano is about 300 meters and you can cover it by walking or by a jetty. 
  12. Helicopter ride of Andaman – want to see the most beautiful landscape imaginable? Then look no further. Go on the exciting helicopter ride that takes you for a tour of the Northern and Southern Andaman. Fly over vast coastlines and dense forests. Make sure you don’t forget to capture the scenery.
  13. Jolly Buoy Island (coral reef and crystal clear water) – if you love visiting beaches, then you are never going to leave this place. Jolly Buoy Island has the most beautiful beach with crystal clear water and the most colorful coral reefs.
  14. Lakshmanpur Beach (Silent Ocean) – the silent ocean in lakshmanpur beach is a great place to enjoy swimming with your buddies. It is also one of the best spots in the entirety of Andaman to go snorkelling.
These are the 10 paces you need to visit and the 10 things you need to do if you are in Andaman and have the time of your life. So get your holiday package with Makruzz online booking.