How to Clean a Wood Floor of Your House

Have you ever thought of where all those debris, grime, dirt, and dust go that you bring in home with you? Or about those messes and dirt which your loving child and pet make? The wood floor takes all the toil and keeps your home clean.  The wood floor brings a stunning and aristocratic look to your home. Nonetheless, it requires quite a bit of investment compared to the old carpeting. It brings the significance of cleaning the wood floor properly to avoid any repairing and at worst, replacing. So, you must know how to clean a wood floor of your house. 

The easiest way to clean your wood floor like a pro

Most of us wonder about the straightforward maintenance and proper cleaning ideas process for a wood floor. The procedure doesn’t ask you to be the Harry Houdini of cleaning. 

Clean it periodically

The wood floor gets dirty regularly. Therefore, you must clean it from time to time. 
  • Daily cleaning: The floor receives a massive amount of dirt, pet fur, food debris, and grime every day. These swiftly build upon the floor and mares it. You should clean the floor using a stair vacuum to collect all the dirt. 
  • Weekly washing helps too: Once in a week you need to use water to wash the wood floor. Water is detrimental to the wooden floor, so, we don’t suggest the use of bucket and sponge mops. Instead, use a mop with quality microfiber to clean the floor. Using a spray bottle helps to reduce the use of water.
  • Seasonal cleaning brings the shine back: No matter how hard you work, regular consumption of grime will destroy the color and shine of the floor. We recommend you to give a deep cleaning to your deck once in a season. During the seasonal cleaning, if you find any place with the wood wiping off, you can use wooden color crayons to recolor the floor. You can use a bandsaw to create a thin laminated wood and replace the old and broken one.

Natural and DIY wooden floor cleaning recipe

Manufacturers suggest using only recommended floor cleaning detergents to continue the glossy look. However, these designated wooden floor cleaning agents come with a high expense. But, if you are a bit hardworking person, and love playing with home products, DIY cleaning is the best option then.