How the Internet has changed shopping trends in 2019

shopping trends

Online shopping is not considered a fad anymore, it’s actually a lifestyle. People around the world try and make the most out it by ordering anything — and by anything we mean anything under the sun. What’s more, you can get all of it delivered right at your doorsteps. So to capitalize a shift in this lifestyle, many retailers and businesses have embraced the concept of ecommerce with open arms. They now introduce new norms and different standards for keeping pace with the online shopping trends in 2019. 

The pace of online shopping is not only increasing with each passing day but is also getting competitive. With a significant shift and up-gradation in technology, the online shopping market is evolving too. Shipping is speedier than ever, websites are smarter than ever, and expectations of customers are bigger than ever. In order to match the pace of the market, the Internet is doing wonders in changing and shaping the shopping trends in 2019. 

So let’s find out how exactly Internet has changed the online shopping trends this year. 

Social Media Shopping

Social Media Shopping

The access of Internet on mobile devices is not a new phenomenon for today’s world. One way in which mobile devices are being utilized for shopping is through social media. Instagram and Facebook have opened new horizons and platforms for online shoppers. Let’s take example of Instagram that has introduced a new feature that allows direct product links. These links are then tagged to the posts including details like price and product details. Additionally, retailers have found a new way to advertise their products and brands on social media. In today’s time and age, any business without a footing on Instagram or Facebook is, to be honest, a step behind. Facebook and Instagram users spend an exuberant amount of time scrolling through news feeds of their social media account daily.  Even if any business doesn’t pay for advertisements, their personal social media accounts will serve the purpose of self-promotion for them. 

Making Online Shipping Faster

Online shopping, due to easy Internet access, is creating waves and is now the most famous shopping solution globally. In the past years, the online shopping sector witnessed an expansion of around 11.4%. Nowadays, almost every major business and brand has a digital footprint with reasonably-priced products to offer. Even big stores like Walmart and Amazon are following this trend. The idea is to change the shopping trend by delivering good quality product and value to the customers and consumers. 

As per a recent study, a drop in number of days from 5.5 to 4.5 on average was observed for free shipping which means people are not that interested to wait that long for a free delivery. TV Programs such as Amazon Prime have set a standard of two-day shipping, so reducing the shipping time has now become inevitable for any online business to stay in the market. 

Importantly, this trend is here to stay in 2019 as businesses and major brands figure out new and improved ways to distinguish themselves from those who are already in the market. 

The Rise of e-Commerce Subscription 

Buyers nowadays are quite smart. They are more inclined toward shopping that suit their needs and preferences and prefer delivery at the convenience of their door steps. The amalgamation of the trends have given birth to a thing called e-commerce subscription. It is basically a way to ship products to customers and consumers on a regular intervals. For example people take great pride in becoming a member of Blue Pearls & Gemstones. They offer complete gem pricing guide, an email newsletter, advertising privileges and a reference library. 

This trend has witnessed enormous amount of expansion since the year 2010, growing from $55 million to more than $2 billion by 2018. As per a research study by a leading research company, McKinsey & Company, around 15% of online customers signed up for subscription services in 2019. 

As it always takes two to tango, so this trend works on the same theory with the consumers’ quest for experiences, as they are ever ready to spend some extra bucks for a service that delivers a tangible benefit accompanied with a personalized offering. The similar change in the trend is most likely to continue in the year ahead. 

The recent trends in online shopping are driven by a few factors such as the ever-changing preferences of customers and evolving technological landscape. By making room for these online shopping trends and getting ready for them, businesses can look up to 2019 as a year of positive opportunity, growth and success.