How Small Businesses Can Leverage the Power of Instagram to Grow Their Email Marketing Lists

Evenif small businesses have a vibrant presence on the various social media platforms, email marketing campaigns still remain the most cost-effective and deliver the highest return on investment. However, growing the email list of leads remains one of the biggest pain points. It is possible to get more prospective customer email addresses by tapping into Instagram that hasmore than 1 billion active users per month. Some useful tips on growing the email list with Instagram:

Create an Opt-In with Universal Appeal

For you to send email newsletters to people, they have to first opt-in to your email campaign. Opt-ins does not happen by accident; typically, you need to give Instagram users an attractive incentive so that they will consider enrolling into your email program. It is actually one kind of a trade-off; Instagram users agree to provide their email addresses and maybe some basic demographic information in order to receive the freebie or the lead magnet. For lead magnets to have appeal, it is important for you to understand exactly who your Instagram followers are, what their aspirations are and what they are really looking for. After getting to know these elements, you can decide on the nature of the free gift that they would be willing to provide their email addresses for.

Bio Link Sponsorship

Marketing programs on Instagram can be accelerated even if your business does not have the critical mass of followers. You just need to enter into a commercial relationship with an influencer who will recommend your business or product to his own followers. Similarly, you can seek out influencers who will be happy to insert a special link pointing to your business’s email campaign for a suitable fee. At one stroke, you will have access to all the followers of the influencer and be in a position to ask them to sign up for the email newsletter. While it can be quite difficult to find a willing influencer, the results are well worth the effort and the expense. With the assistance of social marketing agencies, it is also possible to buy real Instagram likes to create a buzz around your business.