How Become So Successful with China Logistics

69 / 100 is an e-commerce firm from Beijing, China. was initially called 360buy. The company offers a wide range of products such as video, consumer goods, audio, books, and electronics. is the largest e-commerce platform in China by revenue. It is included in Nasdaq under JD. The full name of the platform is Jingdong. The company is among the two top online e-commerce retailers in China Logistics. JD Multimedia was started in June 1998 by Richard Liu in Zhongguancun, Beijing’s technology center. Initially, the firm was a brick and motor store before shifting to online merchandising. The outbreak of SARS was the primary reason for the company’s shift to online operations. The name was adopted after the shift in business operations. During its first operations period, JD stock was mostly revolving around electronic products. It became a full-merchandize e-commerce retailer in 2008. 2007 saw the company receive its first round of financing of more than $10 million and around $21 million in 2009. During this time, it was still using After the 7th round of funds, the company changed its sphere name to That was the start of its campaign of going public and growth. When the platform was at its grassroots, there was a strong presence of Alibaba’s in the e-commerce B2C market. However, was able to challenge Alibaba’s platform. Its owner, Richard Liu, came up with the idea of starting his logistic model. During this time in 2007, China’s e-commerce pioneers were facing a huge hassle. The self-owned China logistics model concept led to an intense debate between JD’s early investors and Richard Liu. The debate was if the platform was to build its logistic network or not. Despite the contrary views from investors, Richard being the majority shareholder, built the logistic network of the platform. Starting with China’s large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, Richard was able to establish warehouses and logistic hubs. The logistic network increased JD’s stock. In 2007, the same year, became the first of China’s e-commerce retail to launch a POS system.