How Become So Successful with China Logistics

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The system was a massive change in customer experience as they could now pay using credit cards upon delivery of their goods. The payment method also led to increased customer trust as they could check on the goods after delivery before making any payment. The logistics’ idea came up as a winning idea. After the idea’s success, logistics has become JD’s winning idea for the ruthless e-commerce completion in China’s market. Between 2009 and 2013, JD has extensively focused its operation on logistics. Within that period, JD poured an estimation of $1.5 billion in the logistics network. In March 2013, JD came partnered with Tencent to make an outstanding partnership. JD was able to access Tencent’s QQ Mobile and WeChat operations. This was a huge change in JD’s operation, which enabled customers to access JD’s services. On May 22nd, the same year, JD made history, becoming the first e-commerce platform in China Logistics to be included in NASDAQ (New York’s Stock Exchange). JD has been heavily relying on technology in its operations. It’s one of the e-commerce platforms to use AI and high-tech delivery through drones. The platform also uses robots and autonomous technology. Its drone delivery system is the largest in the industry. The platform has been investing heavily in infrastructure, unlike its competitors. On January 1st 2021, JD stock was quoted to be $90.38. JD makes its delivery directly to its customers and sometimes acts as a middleman. The company has been a Global Fortune 500 member. JD has been making significant changes in the e-commerce industry in China.