How A Fountain In Your Pond Keeps The Water Clear

Installing a pond in your outdoors is a worthy investment. However, all this is lost when the pond looks lifeless. Perhaps there is even foul smell from the pond. Eliminating algae and weeds from the pond is very important to keep it healthy and smelling fresh. It is very important to understand how best to keep your pond always in good condition.  Decaying leaves, poor water movement, and excess nutrients affect pond health. Additionally, a pond with little movement is likely to limit the presence of oxygen available for fish. Poor water movement makes your pond not ideal for fish. Instead, it becomes a perfect breeding ground for algae and weed. A floating fountain is a wonderful way to keep the water in your pond moving. This significantly benefits the health of your water feature in various ways apart from making it look beautiful. 

How a fountain keeps the pond water clear 

Promoting fish access to oxygen

It is a wonderful idea to keep fish in your pond. Apart from feeding the fish, you also have to ensure that your fish accesses appropriate oxygen. The availability of appropriate oxygen in a pond varies with seasons. In colder weather, there is usually less oxygen available to fish in a pond. In warm weather, the oxygen tends to accumulate at the water surface. This deprives fish at the pond bottom of oxygen essential for their survival.  The solution is to encourage water movement. This requires movement of water filled with oxygen at the water surface to the deep ends of the pond where oxygen is low. You can achieve this by use of the best pond fountains . This ensures that the fish won’t suffocate to rot in the pond making the water less clear. 

Promotes gaseous exchange

A fountain promotes exchanging water from the pond into the air. This increases the oxygen level in the water to lower gas buildup. It helps lessen chances of foul odors in your pond. Stagnation of water in the pond makes dirt and dust to accumulate in one place leading to bad odors. Promoting water movement moves into the air where it absorbs oxygen. It also releases bad gases that might have been trapped in the stagnant water.