Guide Sleeping Postures for Pregnant Women – What You Need To Know

Pregnant Women
It is the desire of everyone to get a family, bear children, and raise them to continue with their posterity when they will be gone. No one remains a child for life and no parents live forever on this earth. With time, the children grow up to become parents and parents grow old and die. Therefore, when women become of age, they beget children, and there is no other way other than by getting pregnant. Pregnancy is as a result of the sexual intercourse between a fertile man and woman. The woman gets fertilized by the man and falls pregnant. This becomes a very challenging time for a woman because of the growing and protruding tummy, not to mention the weight it adds to her. To top it all, pregnancies bring about many complications to the bodies of pregnant women. Therefore, if you are trying for a baby, you should familiarize yourself with pregnancy pillow reviews

Back sleepers

This is one of the sleeping positions for pregnant women because it does not exert any pressure on the tummy or the baby. However, it may not be comfortable for all women. Moreover, it also brings about heartburn because of the acidity in the stomach. It is worsened by the fact that the baby squeezes the stomach and when the woman lies on her back, food goes up the oesophagus hence triggering heartburn. Fortunately, if the woman does not have any problems with heartburn, this posture is not bad in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Both her and the baby are free and comfortable – without any hassles. On the other hand, after 20 weeks of the gestation period, this posture becomes uncomfortable because it interferes with the blood flow. The weight of the baby and the contents of the uterus exert pressure on the organs, and also squeeze veins that carry blood from the womb back to the heart. In fact, you can even risk having stillbirth if you use this posture during your late stages of pregnancy.