Graphic Design Vocabulary overview

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8. Cultivation

What do copycats do to remove the author’s name under an image that they have searched through Google search?

9. Leader

Leading, mannequins. We use the term ‘leader’ for the sake of, okay, using the term ‘leader.’ If you feel more comfortable saying “leading” instead, you can. But the artist may think that you are talking about text and not design.

10. Baseline

If you’re an engineer or a programmer, you could have given it a higher definition. But for us artists, it’s just the simplistic lines that our lined notebooks contain; the bottom common in a string of capital letters.

11. CMYK

Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black. Believe it or not (but of course you do), these four were the only colors used by a normal printer to produce all the shades you need.

12. RGB

Red Green Blue. Again, you think that all the colors you see on the monitor or LCD are displayed by varying the amount of red, green, and blue lights.

13. Kerning

No, you see a very suitable offer. Cutting out the chase, kerning is simply what you call letter spacing. An incorrect spacing is called coming. Here’s a little sneak peek from Google: enter in your search bar ‘kerning,’ then ‘keming.’

14. Balance

Equality, parity, the harmony of colors and elements – which do justice to our tenacious nights of midnight coffee versus a more boring version of this graphic design vocabulary guide.

15. Pantone system

One of the worst nightmares in art schools, the Pantone system, is our great version of the elementary color wheel. It is the culprit why we not only say ‘red’ but ‘red 032’ or ‘red 107’. A website without graphics is like a meal without Sault. Today’s market becomes very competitive across the business segment. The online sales market is also growing very quickly. The trend of online sales is very high in countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Europe.