Google Puts its Money into 1 Million Questions announces $1.5m grant to Siyavula

Invites SA to answer 1 million maths questions in October

In July, as part of a $50 million commitment to address global learning gaps, granted $1.5 million to the non-profit arm of Siyavula Education to provide free access to its maths practice service for 150 000 South African students and a further 150 000 in Nigeria. Today, Siyavula started this process by announcing its #1MillionMaths Challenge to kick start learner preparation for end of year exams.

Siyavula is inviting South African learners to complete 1 million maths questions on its digital learning platform in the month of October. For the #1MillionMaths Challenge, Siyavula will provide free access to its premium online maths practice service for all Grade 8-12 learners in the country.

“Both Google and Siyavula harness technology to make information and education more accessible. We want to demonstrate how powerful this can be by providing learners with access to this tool during their preparation for exams, ” says Nick Cain,’s Program Manager for Education.

“Siyavula has launched the #1MillionMaths Challenge to show the reach and scale that technology enables, as well as the incredible impact that practice can have when learning maths,” says Mark Horner, CEO of Siyavula. “We’ve designed our software to adapt to each learner’s level so they practise smarter, not just harder.”

Google and Siyavula hosted a celebratory event in Johannesburg where the Challenge announcement was made. The event was attended by teachers and learners from schools such as Diepsloot Combined School, Nellmapius High School, Modilati High School and Prestige College, as well as Dr Komane Mphahlele, Deputy Director General Curriculum in the Limpopo Dept of Education; Caroline Raphael, chief education specialist in the Gauteng Dept of Education; Maureen Mthimunye, director in the Gauteng Dept of Education; and Mavis Ndinisa, director in the Mpumalanga Dept of Education.