Good News For George Airport: Fuel Shortage Problem Easing

It’s okay to fly to George, there’s enough fuel to get home again.

Travellers in George can breathe a sigh of relief as the fuel shortage being experienced at the airport is receiving urgent attention.

Head of sales and distribution at FlySafair Kirby Gordon says the Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) has been working around the clock to limit the impact the shortage may have on holidaymakers.

“Acsa and the fuel suppliers have been excellent at working with the airlines to ensure that there is enough fuel in George to complete all the scheduled flights. At this stage, the reserves are building up and lasting and indications are that additional fuel is being brought in by tanker from other airports to ensure that George no longer has an issue,” he said.

On Wednesday a notification was circulated to airlines saying George Airport will not have Jet A1 fuel, the aviation turbine fuel, from Thursday until January 12.

Gordon at the time said they were putting in place measures to mitigate the shortage but admitted that travelling would be hampered. Among the measures that were considered was tankering, filling up the plane with double the amount needed for a single trip, to enable it to fly from elsewhere to George and back without having to refuel.

On Thursday he said things had changed and travellers should be relieved.

“Customers departing from George can be confident that things are looking very good and that there shouldn’t be any fuel-supply related issues. The industry teams have done a great job to avert any problems,” he said.

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