Glow TV : YOUNG LOVE Teasers February 2018 

Young Love teasers February 2018  – Upcoming Glow TV, drama series ‘Young Love’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for February 2018 .

Coming up on Young Love this February 2018:

Thursday 1 February 2018
Episode 846

Bhairon gives Jagdish a reality check which breaks his heart when he brings a wounded Anandi home. Are they about to leave the family?

Episode 847

Madan Singh lashes out at Asha and accuses her of being inauspicious, shameless and unconcerned about the insults that he has to bear from other villagers because of her.

Friday 2 February 2018
Episode 848 

Asha deals with the hurtful words which Madan has said, but it seems as though she is about to come up with a way to resolve all of the negativity. What is she about to do?

Episode 849 

Jagdish and Gauri return to their home where her parents give them a warm welcome, and everyone congratulates them on their pregnancy.

Monday 5 February 2018
Episode 850 

Gauri decides to get herself a car which spoils Jagdish’s plans. How will he feel about this, especially since Gauri has purchased a second hand car?

Episode 851

Shravan thanks Anandi for helping him with the new job. Meanwhile, Sumitra and her family find out that Baadi Maasiji has cancer.

Tuesday 6 February 2018
Episode 852

Anandi and Shravan are on a mission to return a stolen Murthi from the temple. Will they manage to find it and the person who stole it?

Episode 853

Diwali has arrived but it seems as though Jagdish is better off celebrating the holy occasion with his patients and colleagues.

Wednesday 7 February 2018
Episode 854 

Sugna and her family come home to Anandi who gives her a present on behalf of Jagdish. Anandi then tries to convince Sugna to maintain the relationship between her and her brother even though theirs has not worked out.

Episode 855 

Everyone starts to panic when they realize that Anandi is missing and there is no trace of her at all. Could HetSingh be behind this?

Thursday 8 February 2018
Episode 856

Shravan’s parents are furious with Maasa’s family when they come across a picture of Anandi with Shravan, and think that she has run away with him.

Episode 857

Gauri tells Jagdish that Anandi has run off with a village boy, but it seems as though Jagdish refuses to believe that and wants to prove her innocence. What will he do?

Friday 9 February 2018
Episode 858

Bhasant is not sure whether to believe in Anandi’s innocence or the evidence left behind. Meanwhile, a few villagers come to Maasa and taunt the family about Anandi’s actions.

Episode 859 

Jagdish seems to be getting angry each minute that he hears everyone insult Anandi. How will he handle the situation?

Monday 12 February 2018
Episode 860

Jagdish is determined to find out where Anandi has disappeared to, but everything changes when he eventually does find out that she has been kidnapped.

Episode 861

Anandi is in a helpless situation, especially when one of the drunken goons wants to force himself on her and rape her. Will someone be able to save her?

Tuesday 13 February 2018
Episode 862

Anandi manages to escape the goons and the place where she is held captive. Will she manage to run away before they realize that she is missing?

Episode 863

Just as Jagdish loses faith and hope, he sees Anandi’s anklet. Is he about rescue her?

Wednesday 14 February 2018
Episode 864

Jagdish and Anandi try their best to run away as far as possible and back to their home where they could be safe. Will they find a car without the goons spotting them?

Episode 865

Jagdish and Anandi return home but it seems as though Jagdish is not able to allow himself to go back in to his past house. Will Maasa call him in?

Thursday 15 February 2018
Episode 866

Everyone tries their best to console Anandi as she tells them about what has happened and how the goons treated her well, which did not make sense to her. How will they feel about this?

Episode 867

Bhairon and Bhasant find out that Shravan was part of the kidnapping which makes them realize that someone very important is involved in the kidnapping.

Friday 16 February 2018
Episode 868

Jagdish takes the liberty of phoning his father in order to help Anandi and bring justice. Will they go to the police?

Episode 869

Anandi is bullied and belittled by the public, but she is determined to let them know the truth when she sees a fake picture of her and Shravan.

Monday 19 February 2018
Episode 870

Anandi returns home worried that Shravan and his family are part of a bigger clique with regard to the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Jagdish argues with Gauri’s parents.

Episode 871

Shyam, Bhairon, Bhasant and Anandi follow Shravan’s father as he leaves their home. Will they find out something?

Tuesday 20 February 2018
Episode 872

Shravan seems to be enjoying his new life but everything changes when he and his father get caught. Will he tell everyone the truth?

Episode 873

Shravan is beat up as his parents beg the villagers to set him free. It seems as though Shravan and his parents may be arrested but what will happen to Het Singh?

Wednesday 21 February 2018
Episode 874

Jagdish and Gauri share an intimate moment, but Anandi is about to break it when she gives him a call. Will he answer it or will he continue his romantic time with his other wife?

Episode 875

Anandi gets ready for a family prayer and then receives a really big proposal. What could it be?

Thursday 22 February 2018
Episode 876

Het Singh finds out that Anandi is nominated for the Sarpanch post. Will she accept the post after the family tries their best to convince her?

Episode 877

Het Singh warns Badal Singh to make sure he wins the election. Will Badal have enough supporters?

Friday 23 February 2018
Episode 878

Jagdish gives Mohit a checkup, whilst Mohit pushes Jagdish’s buttons with regard to Gauri. Is he about to lose his temper and put Mohit in his rightful place?

Episode 879

As Anandi celebrates her victory, she finds out that Phooli has given birth but has not told anyone about her child. What is the reason behind this?

Monday 26 February 2018
Episode 880

Phooli is confused with her in-laws behaviour when she gives them a name suggestion. Meanwhile, Anandi and Gulli prepare for Phooli’s child’s naming ceremony.

Episode 881

Gauri walks in on Jagdish having a conversation with Anandi over the phone. Meanwhile, Anandi attends Phooli’s son’s naming ceremony. Will everything go as planned?

Tuesday 27 February 2018
Episode 882

Gauri opens up to Shivani with regard to her concerns about Jagdish and Anandi. Meanwhile, Anandi tells Phooli about her kidnaping incident and asks her to spend a few days with her at their home town.

Episode 883

Phooli is confused with her mother in-law’s strange behaviour, but everything changes when a strange woman enters her home and walks away with her son. What is Phooli about to do?

Wednesday 28 February 2018
Episode 884

Phooli begs with all her heart for the village to help her get her son back from the strange lady, but it seems as though her husband even refuses to help.

Episode 885

Phooli’s husband convinces his family to keep Phooli around as their home servant. How will she feel about this?

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YOUNG LOVE Story line

Set in rural Rajasthan, ‘Young Love’ traces the arduous journey of child bride from the brink of childhood to womanhood. Married at the tender age of eight, she has to accept and accustom herself to a new family of strangers and accept her roles as a friend, lover, wife and a daughter in law during childhood itself. Now, as a young adult, she faces new challenges as she tries to carve out her own identity in the world.

‘Young Love’ very sensitively portrays the plight of children who are unwittingly forced into marriage, in the name of tradition, and have to bear the repercussions for the rest of their lives. The dominance of the elders in her new home – the expectation of a child to take on the responsibilities of a woman. The harsh treatment meted out by the in-laws for any infraction and the complete lack of any outside support is both painful and shocking to viewers as this is the reality in rural India even today.

However as time passes they show this very child bride to become a strong independent woman with the support and unwavering love of these very in-laws.The series has gone on to focus on several women’s issues that need to be addressed and reformed. Most importantly the storyline emphasises the importance of respecting women and empowering them in every way in order to lead full lives and contribute to society at large.

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