Glow TV – True Love Teasers December 2017

Episode 136 
Damini is ready to kick Ichcha out of the mansion, but Sumitra Devi seems to have her own evil intentions towards Ichcha. What is she about to do?

Thursday 14 December 2017
Episode 137

Ichcha shares her worries with Tapasya. Will Tapasya manage to make things right for her? Meanwhile, Damini finds out that Sumitra invited Pushkar back home.

Episode 138 
Pushkar and Sumitra work on a plan to get Damini and Ichcha out of the mansion. Meanwhile, Veer arrives at the mansion to find out why Ichcha is ignoring him.

Friday 15 December 2017
Episode 139 

Veer tries to figure out what is going on with Ichcha. Meanwhile, a potential husband arrives for Ichcha at the mansion. Will he be a perfect fit for her?