Glow TV – True Love Teasers December 2017

Episode 132
Sumitra Devi creates a scene in the house when she sees Ichcha with Veer. What is she about to do?

Tuesday 12 December 2017
Episode 133 

Tapasya saves Ichcha in the nick of time, whilst Veer senses the weird vibes coming from Ichcha. What is he up to?

Episode 134
Veer creates a fake issue with his car so that he can spend some time with Ichcha, but it seems as though Sumitra Devi has her eyes on them. What will she do?

Wednesday 13 December 2017
Episode 135 

Sumitra tells Damini and Divya what has been going on with Ichcha and Veer. How will Damini react to Ichcha when she finds out?