Four Reasons to Choose an Elementary Print Program

Education begins with kindergarten when a child is about 5 or 6 years old which means that they are just getting started with learning about textbooks and what school is supposed to be. For this reason, just about every platform recommends a print program for this year so that students have the hands-on and visual experience in learning to write, read and work math problems. After that, the decision becomes whether to switch to an online portal environment for assignments and learning or to stick with print for a little longer. It is not uncommon for 1st and 2nd graders to stay on print programs with the school and then start having the discussion around the 3rd grade year when the format of information changes slightly as well. The primary factor that will affect this decision is based on the student’s comfort level and whether they prefer holding onto a book and having that non-electronic access or not. The print and online homeschool programs are usually the exact same material just in different formats so parents do not have to be concerned that their student will be missing information if they stick to print. Homeschooling should be designed to give the child their best opportunity to succeed and if they learn easier with a book in their hand then this should be an option with the enrollment platform you selected. When deciding which platform to work with, check their print options to see how high they allow this (i.e. high school must be online due to full-time teacher instruction through the school) and if there are any differences so those can be factored in the decision. Another consideration is the family’s access and approach to electronic devices and Internet connection. While the majority of households have some form of e-device, a smart phone is not the ideal tool to use for studying and completing assignments because it is too small and not user-friendly for typing essays and reports. Parents may also want to wait to expose their children to tablets and computers until an older age such as middle school which is when some platforms require a transition to the online homeschool programs