Four quick, money-saving beauty hacks every woman needs!

There are simple tricks that each and every women should learn. Trips to the salon become expensive, and finding the time to look red carpet ready is not always an option.

Below is a list of all natural ways to gain quick beauty results by using ingredients that can be found in your kitchen.

Eat your way to glowing skin.

The solution for glowing skin is so simple, and inexpensive too! It begins with water. Drinking water frequently has noticeable health benefits. You can also enjoy a daily selection of fruit and vegetables that consists majorly of water:

Strawberries 96% water
Iceberg lettuce 96% water
Cucumber 98% water
Oranges 87% water
Watermelon 92% water
Grapefruit 91% water
Tomatoes 93% water

Remove stubborn black heads in 20 minutes.

Squeeze a lemon and add baking soda until it forms a thick creamy paste. Apply this paste evenly to the targeted area and leave for up to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Remove unwanted hair naturally with no razor.
Remove unwanted hair by mixing baking soda, olive oil and coffee grounds together. The baking soda helps the coffee break down the hair follicles starting at the roots. The olive oil acts as a moisturiser, leaving your skin and legs feeling smooth.

DIY at home tan.

Two tablespoons of cocoa powder (depending on how tan you want to be). Add any moisturiser and an empty bottle. Mix well together and apply evenly. This is great for naturally light women.