Four Office Design Themes to Consider for Remodeling

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Office Design Themes

If you are looking to remodel your office, you probably don’t have any idea where to start, and that is okay. Every business owner needs to find a place to start at some point and search for inspiration whether it be online or in print. You might happen to find many office themes attractive, or you might not find any, but choosing a theme for the office is a big decision as your team is expected to work around it for a handful of years.

Office design is extremely important for a number of reasons. Firstly, you want to have a style of office that best represents you as a company. There are many themes that are able to convey many messages. Not only that, it must be a setting where employees love to work in and can also stay productive from check in to check out. Finally, the office needs to have a complete theme, and not be a mish-mash of different themes. Offices that don’t do this can actually be disorienting to work in, for employees.

Without further ado, here are four themes to consider for a remodeled office.


Classic or traditional offices are known to be timeless and meant to please employees with furniture that looks vintage. High-quality wood desks and leather chairs are the staples of this theme, as these are pieces of furniture with natural material meant to calm and comfort employees with their brown colors and soft surfaces. At each desk or cubicle, can have a giant rug underneath which can add an additional layer of comfort for your employees. A classic-themed office is also meant to have plenty of room for storage, as wooden bookshelves, cabinets, and platforms are additional elements that add functionality to the office.

Classic themes are meant to bring comfort and sophistication to the office. While these settings used to be the ideal office for executives, you can use this theme to treat your employees as such. This theme is sure to increase employee retention, but be sure that your employees don’t get too comfortable.


Perhaps you are looking to move our office away from being traditional or old-fashioned. Then your best choice would be the modern office. The modern office contains contemporary and simple furniture that looks appealing just by how minimalist it looks. Everything looks clean, sleek, and still professional. Modern offices are meant to give employees plenty of room to work with while still working in an office that is appealing. Opposed to classic-themed offices with large wooden furniture, modern office furniture is meant to be smaller and more versatile for any kind of setting. You can buy office table in Singapore with simple, modern themes.

A modern-themed office is meant to be progressive, bold, and future-proof, just like the companies that work in them. These offices provide very little room for distraction so that employees can work, think, and be productive with minimal distractions. Black, white, and grey are the typical colors of modern offices, but you can also incorporate other colors if you so choose.


Not to be confused with a mechanical or factory theme, the industrial office is ideal for companies with an office space, but not much of a budget to work with for an office remodeling. The industrial office makes use of the current surroundings which may include wood or brick walls, concrete floors, and minimal lighting to make for a cozy workplace rather than one that is more corporate and overwhelming.

The industrial office is great for startup businesses that do not prioritize in an expensive office and would rather start to make money as soon as possible. This kind of office typically sports basic or makeshift workstations, but that doesn’t exactly mean it’s not appealing. So long as the furniture will tie the whole room together, it will be an office that employees will look forward to going to every day.


An eco-friendly office, while not like a classic office, incorporates natural materials like stone, wood, and leather to make for an all-natural room. This office is meant to add elements of nature to surround employees so they can work calmly at all times. Components of this office include wood tables and floors, plants, and other decor made of anything nature-made.

Eco-friendly offices are another appealing theme that can please your staff, and you can add elaborate decor such as fountains or water walls to also add elements of water. With water elements, employees can listen to the sound of water flowing and never work in an eerily quiet room.