Ford Kugas to be recalled

The National Consumer Commission and Ford South Africa released a joint statement on Monday, confirming that 4500 Ford Kugas would be recalled, for compulsory safety checks.

The decision was taken after 48 Kugas caught fire in South Africa – on one occasion, a motorist died after he was trapped inside his burning vehicle.

The Consumer Commission had received 46 complaints before the matter was interrogated, and the subsequent announcement made. The fiasco has impacted the Resale value of the Ford Kuga adversely, but the safety aspect is the most important in this case.

National Consumer Commissioner Ibrahim Mohammad said: “This issue has dragged on for too long‚”

With him at the press conference in Pretoria was Ford South Africa CEO Jeffrey Nemeth.

They said it was regrettable that Reshall Jimmy had lost his life during one of these incidents. Mohammad said the safety recall was is in the best interests of consumers.

Early findings reveal that the fires in those vehicles were started by overheating, which led to engine cylinder heads cracking and oil leaking. Those are the aspects that will be addressed during the recall.

“We understand customers concerns and will reassure these concerns and will work with dealers to ensure each case is treated fairly‚” said Nemeth.

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