Five unspoken rules when standing in line for the fitting room

4. Know how many items you’re allowed to take into the fitting room and stick to it!

We’ve all been to fitting rooms before.Why do people insist on taking a whole bunch of items of clothing to the fitting room when only six items are allowed? They act surprised and ask if the person standing at the fitting room entrance can hold on to a few of the items. This delays the whole line. Do not do this. You do not need to try on five pairs of jeans. One jeans will determine what size you should take!

5. Being impatient and complaining in the line will not make the line move faster.

This is probably one of the worst things in any line. That one person complaining about everything while standing in line. Asking questions about why certain people are doing what they are doing and also raising their voice each time they complain. If you complain, the line will only get longer. You’ll also probably be the most hated person in the line for that long 20 minutes.



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