Five unspoken rules when standing in line for the fitting room

Are you guilty of going to a store and trying on every item of clothing that caught your eye and end up taking nothing at all? Do you find yourself leaving the fitting room line and expecting the person behind you to ‘hold your spot’? Take a minute, these five unspoken rules when standing in line for the fitting room are for you! 

1. Personal space is a MUST!

There is someone out there right now, as you are reading this, standing right up against the person in front of them in the line to use the fitting room. Personal space is something that everyone is entitled to. If you don’t like it when someone is literally breathing down your neck, why are you doing it to the person in front of you? This is a big no-no.

2. Leave the line and you lose your spot!

If you’re waiting in a line and realize you need a different size and leave the line, don’t expect to return to that spot in the line. When you leave, you lose your spot.  That’s usually how it works, right? This is the most important rule of all. This is often the cause of most fitting room fights. However, there is an exception to when you ask the person behind you to just hold your spot while you run to grab that item. Communication is key.

3. Holding a spot for your friend and yourself is a no!

You’re in the line and you’re excited because it’s almost your turn. But just as you’re about to burst with excitement, another woman comes and stands in front of you. The woman that was originally in front of you, kept two spots and you weren’t aware. When you try to ask them what is going on, they both turn and give you the death stare, saying “I was here before but I went to get something”. But if you think that’s the end, you’re wrong! They still have the audacity to go into separate fitting rooms and you” have to wait a little bit longer in that dreaded line.