Five accessories that will help you to enhance your room décor

It is not just the four walls and a roof that makes a home. It is, in actual sense, the secured haven where we share our happiness, sadness, and other joyous moments with our cared ones. To make a mark, each room is to be decorated in such a manner, which will define our taste and style quotient. When we talk of enhancing our room décor, a list of various accessories come into our mind. These are enhancers in the designing world and will never disappoint anybody. If mixed with the personal treasures, they add-on to warmth and attention. From the living room to bedroom to restroom and kitchen, these accessories add grace and let others appreciate. 

Do enjoy the following list of 5 accessories that will aid you in enhancing your room décor.

Fresh flowers with a designer wall-mirror

Let us start with a few of the essential accessories, like flowers teamed with a designer wall- mirror. Bright flowers are said to uplift any person’s mood. And, fresh and brightly hued ones are considered by their colour to counterbalance your decorating area’s palette. For instance, bright yellow Orchids against a backdrop of a coral-hued wallpaper will draw attention to the flowers. You can always cover a part of the background with a designer wall-mirror. They are readily available in any home decor stores. These designer wall-mirrors come in various sorts from decoupage to tiffany work.  Buy one which will balance the corner, where you have planned prior. It will thus create a high focal point. For instance, a starburst designed mirror will pep up the wall more and highlight the flowers well.

Candleholders and Figurine

Candleholders and Figurine

Are you the kind of person who loves collecting artefacts and store them away, for not getting the adequate place to display? You can now plan in displaying your hidden treasures of artefacts, like candle holders on the peg-tables, corner racks, or entry-table. These candleholders are, all the same, having different heights. They do not need to coordinate. If you display them in a balanced grouping of various candle holders that will also work well. For a décor, any good figurine will do the magic! These figurines help in personalizing the room and balance the place where the candle holders are placed. For instance, an ocean-themed piece or any efficiently carved bust of a lady will grab the attention of others.

Warm-toned lighting

Home is a place where your inner feelings are entangled with the decor. You try transforming your heavenly abode into an attractive one, and dim lights can make it more suffocating. Invest in a few bright light bulbs with designer shades, and fix them, keeping in mind of no harsh effect on anybody’s eye. The perfect mood is the recipe of happiness. And what else can be apt than casual or warm-toned lighting in the whole house? A sleek floor lamp or a modern-day chandelier fitted in the main hall or the kitchen cum dining area will help in setting in the perfect mood. However, if you have a budget constraint, then plan to place a show stopper! It will highlight the entrance, and resonate positivity.

A group of artwork

group of artwork

Does any of your room have a textured wall? If you plan to put a massive painting on any of your room’s wall, it will add panache to the same. The textured wall will go very well with any good and huge painting. It will accentuate the whole thing. You could even go for small size artworks, but then the impact created by the huge painting is much more subtle and can be noticed easily. Repeating the placement will help to create more effect. You should never restrict your vision over framed artworks and prints. Designer mirrors, wall decals, tapestries, and enlarged scratch-off map of the world are other various options, which you can choose. Do remember that whatever you want, it should not be less than 57-58 inches above the ground. Considered as the golden height, and followed by many fine-art galleries and museums, it is the average level of the human eye. Thus proven artistically correct, if you hang your artwork at this said height. 

Personal touch

Let loose your emotions, when you step into your personalized corner – the bedroom! Your bedroom is always the different one from any other rooms in your house. It is your private space, and there are options available to make it look like that! To render it with a personal touch, try placing the snapshots of your close-knit ones on one wall. Paint the wall with off-beat colours or try opting for good quality wallpapers with nice and subtle prints. It will help the photos to do the talking. If you are an avid reader, place your personalized bookshelves on that side, which is going to be easily accessible. Fix the reading light on top of the bedstead to build a positive aura, during your reading hours. 

Go ahead and experiment

Your home is the replica of your inner thoughts. So, it is natural for you to place the accessories with a lot of practical planning. Let your creative soul loosen up and unravel your innermost desires. Give your home a personal touch, by incorporating eco-friendly elements, like indoor and outdoor plants. You can place them inside your living area and balcony to give nature’s touch. Go ahead and experiment with the same. These above tips of using the five accessories will help you in enhancing your room décor, where you would love coming back, every day and every moment.