Ferguson tips La Liga dominance to end

Former Manchester United head coach Sir Alex Ferguson believes Real Madrid and Barcelona’s dominance in the UEFA Champions League will soon come to end.

Over the past three seasons, Real have picked up two Champions League titles and the Blaugrana one, while Sevilla marched on to three consecutive Europa League trophies.

Ferguson feels it’s a matter of success being cyclical, and when the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are no longer as effective as they currently are, at the highest level – football will see another shift in who will reign supreme.

“I think success is cyclical,” he told ESPN FC. “If you think about the 90s, it was AC Milan. In the 70s, Ajax; and Bayern Munich in the 80s; Liverpool, in the 90s; Italy, AC Milan; then England had a great spell with three teams about six years ago all in the semifinal. We [Man United] were in three finals in four years.

“[Now] the domain is in Spain. There’s no question about that. The same question could be asked about why are the German teams, why are Bayern Munich not winning the Champions League? 

“Why are the Italians not winning it? Why are the French not winning it? And why are the English not winning it?

“I think the moment, the cycle is with the Spanish teams. They’re the best, and that’s why they’re winning it. But that will change, that can change,” he added.

“You know, [Cristiano] Ronaldo will get older, [Lionel] Messi will get older. Can they replace these players? And I think the cycle will change.”

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