‘Fans will come to respect Leipzig’

RB Leipzig’s players believe the German football fans will come to accept the club and their impressive rise to the top.

The club was founded in 2009 when Red Bull purchased the rights of SSV Markranstadt, who were in the fifth division at that time, and changed the name to RB Leipzig.

In the eight years that followed Leipzig have catapulted up the ranks, sitting in second position to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, and claiming their first Champions League berth.

Many German football supporters have voiced their displeasure with RB Leipzig’s presence in the Bundesliga, due to their lack of history as a club and the way their billionaire owners have boosted them up the tables with pure strength of bankroll.

However, Rani Khedira remains optimistic. He believes fans will get used to Leipzig and come to respect what they have achieved.

“Something new is often rejected at first,” Khedira told Goal. “We will continue our journey and I also think that more and more people will respect our work. In addition, it is a not normal that that we are not given a warm welcome in our away games.”

His sentiments were echoed by teammate Marvin Compper, who told Goal: “What I am experiencing here, this enthusiasm, an average of 30,000 people in the stadium and a whole region, which is a part of us, is terrific. 

“There can be no question of the lack of fan culture at all. There really is something here. RB Leipzig is definitely a club of the future.”

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