Family Fun Guided Walking Tours and Activities at Central Park

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1. Central Park walking tour

You may visit all the famous landmarks of the Central Park as the Belvedere Castle, Gapstow Bridge, Wollman Rink, Loeb Boathouse, Conservatory Garden, etc. in this tour. Expert guides will describe the history of these destinations, and the participants will also get to know about the architectural specifications about these significant structures. For private groups, the tour is available in a customised manner too.

2. Hidden Secrets tour

This Central Park walking tour provides an opportunity for the visitors to walk through the less travelled paths of this land to explore the hidden gems of Central Park. With the help of a well-experienced guide, you may experience the less known treasures of this destination, which is unknown to the general tourists. Major attractions of this hidden secrets tour are:
  • The remaining fortification of an essential site per the American Revolutionary War
  • A 3500 years old visitor all the way from Egypt etc.
On the other hand, if you want to explore a more adventurous and unique experience on exploring the stunning sights of the Central Park, there are also horse riding NYC trips too at Central Park for those who want to explore it on wheels. It is possible to ride down through the bridle trail on your healthy and friendly companion to explore the beauty of Mother Nature, view the historical monuments, and watch the famous monuments around central park. There are rides of various duration up to one hour. There are also comfortable short-duration rides for kids.

3. Sunrise Yoga Walk

Fitness freaks will thoroughly enjoy this early morning guided walk tour, which aims at centring your body and mind as the sun rises to the skyline of one of the most existing destinations in the world. This tour is primarily a workout inspired by yoga, an Indian spiritual exercise form, combined with a sequence of power walks through the most serene natural spots of Central Park. The skilled trainers will also teach the participants some basic restorative poses of yoga and healthy stretches. This walk will provide you with a refreshed and energised feeling, ready to take the day ahead in good spirit. As the number of participants is limited to this speciality tour, prior reservation is needed to join it.