Experience a Thrilling Nocturnal Adventure with a Trendy Costa Rican Party

Thrilling Nocturnal Adventure
Costa Rica is a land where relaxation and adventure go hand in hand. With the gushing rivers, volcanoes, and lush rain forest, the country keeps visitors mesmerized with its beauty. There is another side of Costa Rica as well. It boasts of a thriving nightlife that you would certainly not want to miss. The Costa Rican nightlife is a new way to create some fun memories.  This country is now famous for locally brewed beers that are available at most Costa Rican bars. While conventional bars do add to exciting nightlife, you can even find Caribbean styled beach bars for utter comfort.  Enjoy your nights by the best live music beats from the DJs, loosen up on the dance floor and let yourself go! Mix with the locals to find out some new grooves. Costa Rica has fiestas almost throughout the year. Most of these festivities last through the night in local bars or even on the streets! Tap your feet to the Tico songs and enjoy your nighttime experience with your loved ones. Here are some fantastic spots to visit for an amazing nightlife in Costa Rica

8ctavo Rooftop Lounge Bar in Escazú

This is a stylish cocktail bar that is located on the eighth floor of the Sheraton hotel in Escazú. This bar is attached to the popular 8ctavo restaurant. The design, atmosphere, and style of 8ctavo can rival any of the rooftop lounge bars across the world. This bar wraps around a pool and is set in an open-air rooftop. Get ready to awaken your senses with vibrant colors, metallic textures, and fabric. The wow factor hits you with a panoramic view of the San Jose central valley through the floor to ceiling windows of this fantastic place. The 8ctavo bar and night club also features live DJs and entertainment.