Gorgeous Sarees Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe

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An Indian women look traditional and way more beautiful when she wears a saree fro her wardrobe. A woman in saree is an epitome of decency and elegance. A saree is way more catchy than any other attire and it enhances the beauty of a woman who wears it.

But, taking into account the variety of options available in sarees, it becomes hectic to choose a particular type of saree. In an event where everyone is going to wear saree, you would want to look unique and beautiful at the same time. And if you want people to notice you, then wearing a pattu saree can give you an edge that you were looking for. 

You must be getting obvious questions about pattu sarees and from where you can purchase these sarees. The Pattu Sari Collection are the ones made having silk textures. Pattu is a synonym of silk in Tamil Language and this saree is traditionally an attire of South Indian women. Pattu Sarees are a bit expensive because they are made from pure silk. Prices of a simple saree start from around ₹6,000 and can go up to ₹40,000 if it has more textures on it.

These sarees are primarily bright in colour and can grab anyone’s attention. The best thing about these sarees is that it will look good on women of any age group. You can wear this saree at any party, function, or family gatherings. They are just perfect for any type of occasion either day or night. An average pattu saree can last long for 4-5 years if washed & rinsed in good detergents. Although they are a bit expensive but keeping in view their bright look and service, these are worth each penny. 

A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a Pattu Sari. You can add different types of pattu sarees in your collection and they are available at most of the saree shops. These sarees never go out of trend because of their magnificent borders and striking colors.

A woman can wear this saree in different ways according to her choice.  South Indian brides prefer to wear these pattu sarees during their marriage. Now, even female celebrities can be seen wearing these sarees in family functions. It won’t be wrong if you say that this is a typical traditional saree.

It redefines the beauty of a woman who wears it. If you ever get a chance to visit the south Indian region, then don’t miss the chance of purchasing a pattu saree. These sarees are available in other states of India, but you’ll he able to get the best of the lot only in South India.

These are easily washable but use good quality detergent while washing it. At first instance, they may look heavy but they are very light-weight sarees. You can become the centre of attraction in any event by simply wearing the pattu saree. With the latest trends of ethnic wear collection, having a collection of pattu sarees is quite similar to having icing on the cake.