Enrique questions ‘curious’ yellow cards in Malaga loss

Luis Enrique was uncharacteristically critical of certain decisions made by the referee in his side’s shock loss to Malaga on Saturday.

The defending La Liga champions, who needed a win to replace current league leaders Real Madrid at the top of the table, suffered a surprise loss to lowly Malaga, courtesy of goals from former youth product Sandro Ramírez and Jony, as well as the sending off of star forward Neymar.

The Brazilian received his forst of two bookings for preventing  a free kick from being taken by taking his time in adjusting his boots directly in front of his opponent.

“I think the interpretation of yellow cards is special,” the Barcelona boss told reporters when asked about the player’s dismissal.

“We have to take a lot of care in these types of games because I think there were ugly challenges from behind which clearly deserved bookings; other things such as tying your boots… If we book players for this, we have to book players for everything.

“It’s curious that a team like us that doesn’t usually kick people get so many yellow cards in such an incomprehensible manner.

“Then there are players on the other team that during the game commit fouls and don’t get any cards. It’s curious, but we’re used to it.”

Referee Jesus Gil Manzano further aggravated the former Barcelona midfielder by failing to spot that a foul committed on Sergi Roberto happened inside the area and should have resulted in a spot-kick rather than a free kick.

“I don’t understand how the foul on Sergi Roberto was given outside the box,” the 46-year old added.

The Barca manager, who will be voluntarily vacating his position come the end of the season, went on to point out that he felt the scoreline was an unfair representation of the match, feeling that his side deserved three points.