Elderberry Nutrition Facts

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About Elderberry – A Super Dose Of Berry Power!

Elderberries are ranked amongst the most tempting fruits. Indeed, the aesthetic beauty of these berries is difficult to resist – and shouldn’t be either. For, elderberries are attractive and hold potent nutritional benefits that go on to form a powerful duo that you do not want your body to be deprived of.

Elderberry benefits range from protecting the body from diseases, to being used for its splendid medicinal properties.

Caution: However, take note that raw and unripe elderberries are unfit for consumption. They need to be cooked so as to eradicate traces of a poisonous cyanide-like chemical inherently present in the pulp of elderberries.

There are numerous elderberry varieties, however, stick to consuming the black elderberry variety, as the other types may be too toxic for consumption.

Unripe elderberries can be distinguished by their green or red hue. Ripe elderberries feature glossy, jet black skins, so look for those when you’re out grocery shopping!

Elderberry Nutritional Value

Don’t allow yourself to be put off by the idea of not being able to consume raw elderberries. The immense nutritional power of this aesthetically appealing fruit more than makes up for the extra time needed to prepare it!

Elderberries are a goldmine of vitamins and minerals. These powerful nutrients have allowed people to use elderberries as a healing fruit for centuries! 100 grams of elderberries contain an astounding 60% of Vitamin C, 12% of Vitamin A, 11% of Vitamin B6, 5% of Thiamin and 4% of Riboflavin. This treasure trove of vitamins works wonders to keep your body fit and strong!

The elderberry mineral content is a powerhouse in its own right. Replete with 9% of iron, 4% of calcium and phosphorus, and a whopping 8% of Potassium, the elderberry keeps your body systems functioning at an optimum level.

Looking for a fiber rich fruit to enhance your digestive system? Elderberries perfectly match your criteria! Loaded with 28% of your daily dietary fiber requirement, elderberries do a fabulous job at keeping your digestive system working smoothly!

Health Benefits Of Elderberries:

A rich nutrient content translates into unparalleled health benefits! Let’s take a look at what elderberries have to offer.

An Excellent Immunity Booster!

With a 60% store of Vitamin C, substantial amounts of flavonoids, anthocyanins and other anti-oxidants, it comes as no surprise that elderberries are promoted as one of the best immunity boosting fruits!

For natural, side-effect free protection from viral and bacterial agents, stock up on those elderberries without further delay. Moreover, elderberries contain a substance known as lectins, which has the ability to protect you from ten different flu-virus strains!

Effective Anti-Cancer Protection!

Crammed with a superb horde of antioxidants, elderberries have the potential to not only inhibit further growth of cancer cells, but also to protect the body from falling prey to cancer in the first place!

Antioxidants put up a fierce fight against free radical agents in the body which, if allowed to flourish unchecked, can cause irreparable damage to the body’s healthy cells. These damaged cells have a high chance of becoming cancerous in nature. Elderberries effectively reduce the probability of this harmful process from taking place!

Reduced Cholesterol Levels

Elderberry extract contains sizeable amounts of cynidine glucosides. Research indicates that this substance has the ability to reduce the level of unhealthy LDL cholesterol in the body, and thus can successfully regulate and treat cholesterol problems!

Excellent Anti-Aging Benefits!

Elderberries hold significant free-radical fighting qualities; (free radicals are the root cause behind aging)! The elderberry anti-oxidant content keeps your skin cells in top form, leaving you with glowing, youthful skin! Elderberry substances also act as natural detoxifiers, keeping your skin free from distressing skin conditions such as acne, blemishes and boils.

For Bright, Shiny Eyes!

The importance of carrots for long lasting eye vision is an idea that was thrust upon us in our childhood, and reiterated ever since. But if carrots don’t suit your palate, elderberries are the perfect alternative!

With a rich store of Vitamin A and Vitamin B6, elderberries prevent conditions such as dry eyes, macular degeneration and glaucoma from affecting your eye sight!

Possible Ways To Enjoy Elderberries

Elderberries can be consumed as elderberry extract, tinctures, syrups, and even as capsules containing elderberry extract. All these forms of elderberry are available in large supermarkets.

Fancy some elderberry tea? Brew 3 to 5 grams of dried elderberry flower in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Strain it, and enjoy the taste of this exotic brew!

Bored of eating breakfast cereals every morning? Spread a thick layer of elderberry jam on to a slice of warm toasted bread to kick start your day! If you’re in the mood for some elderberry cake, whip out your classic cake recipe and throw in a bunch of ripe, juicy elderberries to add a delectable twist to your baked treat!

Possible Health Concerns

To eradicate traces of the cyanide-like substance present in elderberry pulp, unripe and raw elderberries should be cooked before they are consumed. Pregnant women should refrain from eating elderberries.

Since elderberries are active immunity boosters, people suffering from autoimmune diseases such as ‘lupus’ should consult their doctors before eating this fruit.