Effective Drug-free Solutions For Pain Management

It is never easy managing chronic pain, and for many patients, there is always the push to have an easy to use pain management solution. TENS unit come as an alternative that thousands have found highly effective for handling their pain.

Living in constant pain is never how anyone ever pictures their lives as this significantly impacts on the quality of life. It is a burden that no one ever wants to bear as it causes a total disruption as to how each day is approached since there is always the fear of the pain worsening. However, regardless of where the pain seems to come from and its severity, the good news is that advances in pain management have made it easier to cope with any condition. The dedication to research and in-depth studies by pain doctors has resulted in enhanced techniques for managing all types of pain. This essentially means that no one should ever have to bear the burden alone when there are proven techniques for taking care of each special condition. A first step should as such be to seek the services of a professional doctor or pain therapist who can diagnose the condition to know about the root cause before initiating the right line of treatment.

There are several tips for living with chronic pain, but broadly, it always comes down to focusing on the better aspects of life and reducing stress, which is the primary cause of depression. While the achievements of these factors are never easy, it is a gradual journey that with the right support becomes easier than expected. Lifestyle choices such as stopping smoking and cutting back on alcohol always go a long way in achieving a greater goal, which is having the right relaxation. Another factor that can never be ignored is the importance of exercises that have been proven to be effective as they boost the natural endorphins levels, which enhances the general mood.

The use of machines for pain management

For many people, at the mention of pain management, there is always the picture of strictly being limited to visits to the doctor and taking lots of drugs. This is not the case in a generation where there have been significant improvements in the equipment available for the treatment of different conditions. The management of chronic pain has not been left behind, and it has come with the advantage that there are solutions that can be used right at the comforts of a home. One of the leading options has been to embrace the use of a TENS unit machine that has been purposefully built to be a drug-free pain management solution.

How does a TENS unit machine work?

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a method of electrotherapy which works by delivering a small current to the body through the electrodes that are placed around the painful area. It gives a non-painful sensation on the body and can be used for most types of body pains. This non-invasive therapy solution is known to have a slight tingling effect from the electrical stimulation, which then causes the body to release endorphins. Endorphins then play their role as the natural pain killers which provide relief from the pain without having to use any drugs. This does not mean that all other medication should be avoided as this pain relief solution does not interact with what the patient takes or have any side effects.

Modern models of the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine have further simplified the use of these devices as they allow the user to control the frequency of the pulses. The patient can, therefore, choose from the low-frequency range to the high-frequency range depending on the kind of relaxation they want for their body. A rule of the thumb is to never place the electrodes on some parts of the body such as the eyes or ears, mouth, near your heart (left side of the chest), at the front and back of your chest, along the spinal column, varicose veins, and on broken skin. Individuals with certain disorders and conditions such as epilepsy, those that use pacemakers, or a disorder that affects the rhythm of the heart are not to use the machine. Apart from these specified categories and those that a doctor warn not to use the machines, TENS unit machines are a safe and practical solution for pain relief.