Edwin Sodi Alleged Hit List Of Women Celebrities

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Being a celebrity sometimes can be a bad thing because you do not have the privacy as much as you would like. Everything you do is always in the limelight and this means that you can not afford to flip flop, but we are seeing that most celebrities don’t even care about that anymore. Because this prevents them from living the kind of life they want and now they have to live according to what society prescribes for them.

However, we have also seen that some celebrities have managed to live their lives and not make their personal life public. But not many can do that because fame can go to the head sometimes and not know how to deal with it.

Now Businessman Edwin Sodi and many other women who have been in his life have been exposed and this comes after it was revealed that Edwin Sodi is the man that Minnie Dlamini was cheating with and this is the cause of her husband divorcing found out.

Well, there is a list of you women who it is believed that have been in a relationship with Edwin Sodi and it is called Edwin Sodi hit list. Here are some of the popular names that you might be familiar with.