Delayed Speech And Language Development

Right now one of the most common problems that all the parents out there are facing is delayed speech among their children.

 Your child is 2 years old but yet he isn’t able to talk correctly, and he can just say a few words which will make you think that he is way behind his peers. Yet you notice everything and don’t do anything about it considering that your little one will catch up soon. The fact is that some parents even observe other areas of slow development among their children, but they just hesitate from taking any professional help.

Today in this article we are here to address the common issue of delayed speech and language development. We will tell you everything about this issue, and we will also help you figure out if you should be worried about your child or if your child is right on the schedule.

Before 12 months

If your baby has started cooing and babbling then know that your little one is on his early stage of speech development. With the passage of time, your baby will use the exact same sounds to bring words together and string them. That’s when they start saying the words “mama” and “dada” etc. Also, notice that your little one is attentive to sounds and responds when you call specific names, this again is a sign of a healthy baby who can respond to sounds well before 12 months.



From 18 to 24 months

Most kids start saying around 20 words when they turn 18 and those who turn 2 years old can speak somewhat around 50 words. Now you cannot obviously count the words they say every day, but yes, you can observe the addition of new ones which will be a sign of them growing up. A 2 years old kid starts combining two words together to make a small sentence such as “baby crying”. He should also be able to respond to certain questions like, “where is your nose?” or “where are your eyes?”.

From 2 to 3 years

By this time your toddler must be able to combine 2 to 3 words together and form proper sentences, and by the age 3, he or she must be able to understand you when you say stuff like, “put it back on the table” etc. He should also be able to identify different colours and try to name them too.

Warning Signs

There are some signs that can be a warning to you that there is some problem with your child regarding delayed speech and language development. You should be concerned if he isn’t using gestures or waving bye-bye by the time he is 12 months. You should be worried if he isn’t responding to any sound or word you say when he reaches 18 months and you should definitely seek help if he is 2 and he isn’t able to tell a single word properly. Don’t worry and don’t panic because there are places like out there that can help your child using speech therapy but just make sure that you are observing all of these signs to avoid a bigger issue in the future.

We hope you found this article to be helpful for you. Now, observe your child, hear what he says, look what he does and pay attention to him so that you can identify if you really need to seek some professional help.