Chocolate Diamonds: A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are in a range that goes from white to faint yellow, but millions of years ago, and on rare occasions, nature created diamonds of an intense and deep colour; these can be blue, green, pink, yellow, brown, orange, or the rare and appreciated red, these exceptional diamonds are called Fancy.

The Fashion Diamonds
The Fashion Diamonds

What is a chocolate diamond?

Chocolate diamonds are another shade of brown or cognac diamonds. There are natural brown diamonds, and there are those that have been dyed. Diamonds of natural colours are always going to be more expensive than those that have been dyed.

However, since it is a relatively new product, many consumers are not aware that a lot of coloured diamonds are of deficient quality. To produce any medium of high-quality colour diamond, you must use an excellent white diamond, to begin with. However, in 90 per cent of the coloured diamonds a lousy quality diamond is used to treat. Why? Just because a perfectly clear diamond is costly and alone, to handle it does not win anything, however, a diamond of poor quality that could be sold for very little money, to treat it to turn it into Fancy we give a high value of the sale.

The highest quality Brown diamonds, in the end, a diamond with inclusions visible to the eyes and the lack of brilliance will not look much better once it has been dyed. A more expensive white diamond is used to make a vivid chocolate diamond bracelet, and a lower quality diamond at less than half the price is used to create a greyish brown, or less lively chocolate, or dark brown diamond. If you want brown diamonds that have a golden brown colour and shine, or especially if you want a brown diamond that is bigger than a centre stone, it would be better to order a cognac colour. Compare the quality differences and decide what looks best in your case. If you like chocolate diamonds, of course, buy it and enjoy it. When it comes to individual coloured gemstones, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As always, be aware of the quality you are paying. Ask about yours.

Yellow and brown diamonds are more common among Fancy since nature gives us more copies of this colour, the prices are also more “affordable” than those of their brothers blue, pink, green and red. The reason for the yellow colouration is the inclusion of nitrogen in its composition, the more nitrogen it contains, the more intense the yellow.

The stones of intense and pure yellow seem to contain rays of the sun and emit a precious, vibrant reflection. Possibly this is the most common colouring. As the yellows vary from very pale tones to intense dark. A few show an orange or reddish fantasy colouring, of great beauty and high price.

Diamonds as an investment almost all the objects that are acquired for the house, as well as the personal ones, depreciate with the use as the year’s pass. However, the diamond is a permanent value that, like love, becomes more appreciated over time. This is another reason to buy the best quality stone possible, regardless of the size or design of the piece of jewellery.

How the Shape of the Diamond Influences the Price

When buying a diamond, the form is something essential to keep in mind, because it directly influences the price. The most popular kind of diamond, round, has a higher rate than all other forms (known as forms of fantasy) due to its optimal brightness, market demand and high manufacturing costs.

At the time of choosing a jewel with diamonds the greatest difficulty we find knowing how to select the diamond, since what is the design of the ring or pendant, or of the piece in question, depends more on the personal taste or on how we adopt the jewel, but the diamond, its size, size, carat … are issues that most people, if they are not experts, it escapes.

Understand that diamond is better or worse is reserved for gemstones diamantes since their differentiation depends on many factors, which are also very subjective and sometimes, can create controversy among professionals.