Cherries Nutrition Facts and 7 Health Benefits

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About Cherries: Seven Reasons to Fall in Love


Who can resist the temptation of plunging into a bowl of ripe, red cherries? This divine little fruit has quite a marvelous list of benefits.  Two of the most popular types of cherries are the sweet cherries (Bing cherry being the most popular variety) and the sour or tart cherries.  In 2014, world production of sweet cherries was 2.25 million tonnes, with Turkey producing 20% of this total. Other major producers of sweet cherries were the United States and Iran. World production of sour cherries in 2014 was 1.36 million tonnes, led by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Poland.

Want to know why cherries, in their fresh form or as cherry juice, cherry desserts and cherry extract, are worth your while? Take a look at our list of the top seven nutritional benefits of cherries, and make a dash for that fruit bowl!

Health Benefits of Cherries:

1. Anti-oxidant Properties

Cherries contain melatonin and anthocyanins, naturally occurring pigments t

That function as antioxidants. Researchers believe that melatonin slows down the aging process and helps to maintain a smooth sleeping pattern. It also acts as a relieving agent for neurosis, headaches, and insomnia. Anthocyanins have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties and are thus recommended for arthritis and gout sufferers.

Tart cherries, in the form of tart cherry juice or dried, have one of the highest levels of antioxidants found in fruits.

2. Brain Food

This resourceful little super fruit has been found to have soothing effects on the neurons in the brain. Brain health is maintained by Melatonin, the key agent discussed above. Worried about the possibility of memory loss as you age? A few cherries a day will keep that memory loss away!

3. Weight Control

 An incurable sweet tooth coupled with a desire to lose weight? We understand the dilemma, but we also have a solution. One cherry only contains 4 calories! Switch to cherry desserts and savor the sweetness of guilt-free indulgence.

4. Cancer Protection

Research suggests that cherries contain compounds, such as Queritrin, that act as anti-cancer agents. Moreover, sweet cherries contain high levels of an antioxidant Cyanidin, which is instrumental in helping the body to fight cancerous cells.

5. Overflowing With Nutrients

 Cherries are a wonderful source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fiber, Folate and Potassium. These nutrients keep the body system functioning smoothly, and fortify the body against the risk of diseases.

6. Good For Your Heart

 Loaded with sufficient quantities of LDL cholesterol reducing compounds, and substances that regulate the heart rate and blood pressure, this fruit provides the ingredients necessary to keep the heart strong.

7. Prevents Diabetes:

To prevent the onset of diabetes, researchers recommend that cherries, which contain substances that regulate and lower the blood sugar level, should be consumed.

Possible Health Concerns:

People with Dietary Fructose Intolerance should refrain from having large quantities of cherries. Over indulgence can result in diarrhea and abdominal cramps.