Changing Trends In Consumer Demand For Healthy Food

Over the years and especially in the past few years there has been a rising trend noticed amongst the consumers who want to have healthier food not only in their homes but also in their office. Most office goers will carry their lunch from home not only to save a few dollars more not having to visit a nearby restaurant but also to have food of their choice and liking. This also saves a lot of time searching for a good place to eat good food during the short time at lunch break.

Consumers now not only want to eat healthy foods but are also willing to pay more for them if required. This growing concern for their health has forced the office management and business owners to reconsider their plans to refurbish their office snacks inventory. They are now more focused on stacking food items that will not affect the productivity, energy level and moods of the workers in a negative manner.

A lot of research is done by the office manager as to what type of food items to include in the inventory so that it satisfies the palate of the employees and also keeps up the level of production at the same time. 

Change in the food products scenario

It is due to the concern of consumers’ health that is at the front and centre that will change the focus and idea of those who churn out these food products. You will find these healthy foods line up in the supermarket shelves and apart from that these foods will also find a convenient pace in the office snacks rack in the following years.

Offices are now more focused on the organic and all-natural concepts of food consumption among consumers. These are the buzzwords in the company premises no matter how big or small it is. 

Ideally, you will find that the healthy snacks in an office include a wide and extensive variety of soups. All these foods are made from USDA certified organic ingredients. These products are now more shelf-stable whether it is the soups or fruit and vegetable juices. 

These food [products do not contain any added sugar or any artificial or synthetic ingredients. This is in keeping with the decisions taken regarding the health theme at the 2015 Consumer Analyst Group of NY conference. 

There are several major food industry representatives that echoed the need for this health theme in offices. Different executives from different companies also spoke about the recent acquirement of healthy snacks in the offices. This has helped several brands to promote a healthy lifestyle by their consumers not only in their homes but also in the offices as well. 

The healthy food list contains products for all such health-conscious consumers irrespective of the fact that the consumer is healthy and normal or suffers from any medical conditions or has any allergies. 

Moreover, the need and demand for gluten-free and non-GMO foods have fared well in recent times. It is due to this rise in demand that has resulted in significant growth of more than 30% in the US allergen free segment alone. 

Therefore, in short, all major food manufacturing companies are betting on gluten-free food so that their products feature in the racks of the shopping malls as well as all the offices where a major portion of their produce is consumed daily. 

The bright side

The bright side of this change in consumer trends in healthy food consumption has helped the food manufacturing industry by a great deal. This category of people now forms the major part of the society as well as in any office. You will hardly find any employee to opt for a junk and unhealthy food that contains unhealthy fats and sugar in office during lunch break. 

With such growing concerns over health, the retail sales of healthy foods have gone up significantly in the past few years as more and more offices are now focusing on stacking their racks with them instead of simply installing a coffee vending machine. 

As per research and studies, the statistics of the rise in market share of healthy foods and snacks is estimated to a whopping $8.8 billion in US retail sales alone. To keep up with the demand for healthy foods and snacks of the consumers several premium food manufacturing companies are now interested in launching a wide and extensive variety of gluten-free food these years. Each year the prediction of such sales is going up by further two billion dollars approximately. 

Global statistics of healthy food sale

If you take a deeper look into this matter, you will see that the global sales of healthy food products are ever growing and in fact, the figure is estimated to reach $1 trillion dollars very soon. 

According to different study reports, the health trends and fads may have come and gone in the past but this trend of having healthy foods only is here to stay. You may remember how oat bran created a huge wave in the 1980s which was suppressed by the next surge of low-fat food in the 1990s. However, these ongoing trends seem to have serious determinations. 

If you follow Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey, suggestions of most individuals reflected a clear pattern and change in the mindset of the customers when it comes to healthy foods. There is a paradigm shift noticed and about 88% of the total people polled online are even willing to pay more for such products that claim to provide health benefits and help in their weight loss programs. 

This change in trend is noticed among all demographics right from the baby boomers to the generation Z. All they want is the food to be healthy, Gluten and GMO-free, made from all natural and organic products, and have no artificial colouring or flavours.

People now want more functional foods that include foods that are high in fibre, protein, whole grains and are fortified with calcium, vitamins, and minerals.