Building a Gaming Computer on a Budget

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Putting together a computer is a satisfying yet rigorous task to complete. Here is a guide that will teach you how to build a gaming computer on a budget. The first thing you should focus on is finding a processor that is cheap and fast. The CPU is extremely important for the PC because it processes everything that goes on in the game and handles the environment and simulations in the game. Some companies that have processors that fit these requirements are Intel and Ryzen. The next thing to focus on is buying the video/graphics card. These allow the computer to produce high quality images and graphics much faster. This is vital for newer games to operate to their full potential. The price of your graphics card should be roughly one third of your total budget. Good companies that provide video/graphics cards are GTX, AMD, and NVIDIA. Next you should buy a case for the computer. The larger the case, the better. It is good to have a lot of space to make it easier to put all the parts together and to allow air ventilation to prevent your computer from overheating. A NZXT case is a popular option for high quality computer cases.  The case physically protects the computer and allows for easier transportation of the computer. The price can range from under $50 to a few hundred dollars depending on what you want out of your case. Now, you are going to have to buy a storage drive, This is important for storing all of your games, software, and data that you use on the computer. There are two types of storage units to consider: HDD and SSD. The HDD is cheaper and has a longer lasting life while the SDD is more expensive and performs better. For a budgeted computer, you should look for a 1 TB HDD which is not very expensive and will work fine for the computer.