Building a Gaming Computer on a Budget

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The next item to buy is the motherboard. The function of the motherboard is the hub for all of the other devices for the computer to connect to and communicate through. There are many different motherboards to choose from ranging from ASUS to EVGA. It is important to ensure that the motherboard you are choosing is compatible with both the processor and video/graphics card that you are buying. The motherboard does not do much in changing the computer’s performance so a cheaper motherboard functions well. You should aim for one that is $75 or below. Now you should get enough RAM on your computer for the games you are going to be playing. 8 GB should be the minimum amount because certain games require excessive amounts fo RAM. RAM acts as the short term memory for your computer and stores certain information. Your budget for RAM should be $35 if you are getting an 8 GB and $65 for a 16 GB RAM or higher. Next, you should focus on a speaker that works for you. The speaker is not a vital part of the function of your computer so an expensive speaker is not at all necessary. Computer speakers are very cheap so you can find a good working one for under $30. Now, you should buy a monitor. The monitor is the display screen where everything is shown. A good ground rule is to get a 24 inch 1080p monitor. Certain games have much better gameplay with a higher refresh rate. You should find a good balance of refresh rate and price. Depending on your budget, a $75 to $150 monitor should do the job successfully. The next thing to buy is a mouse and a keyboard. These are the cheapest items on the list that have the smallest effect on the gameplay. You can use any mouse and keyboard that you may have at your house. If not, you can get high quality ones online. Mouse and keyboard combos are generally cheaper and have products that are complimentary to each other. You can get a good combo for under $30 that will serve well.