Bonnucci: I’m no traitor

Former Juventus star, Leonardo Bonucci, has defended his move to AC Milan, reminding angry supporters of the seven years of service he gave their club.

The 30-year old made the shock €42m switch earlier in July and has become the recipient of no small amount of scorn from the Turin faithful.

In an interview with Gazetta Dello Sport, the Italy international spoke of the reasoning behind the move, saying that it was a breakdown in his relationship with the club that caused it.

“Life is made up of cycles which open and close,” he stated. “When you’re part of a group for seven years, you hope to leave something beautiful. In the last part of the season, the link faded on both sides and we decided to move apart.

“Something crumbled in recent months,” Bonucci explained. “And this change was the consequence of that. To give 100 per cent, I need to feel important, something that at Juventus was recently happening only in fits and starts.

“I couldn’t go with that. Even the most beautiful marriages sometimes end,” he added. “I gave Juve so much and they gave me so much. It wasn’t an easy choice for me because seven years are difficult to close off and forget.

“The rapport had come to an end though, neither party wanted to continue together. I have to say though, that given how it ended we came out well: myself, Juve and Milan.

“Given what I gave to Juve, I don’t feel like a traitor or a mercenary. If they whistle me, they ought to know that, just like the insults I received at Juventus Stadium fired me up, it’ll be the same if they jeer me.”

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