Bold and the Beautiful Teasers April 2018 (SABC3)

A suspicious Charlie keeps a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn during a board meeting at Forrester Creations. When Pam questions his more-than-usually odd behaviour, Charlie admits his notion of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair. Rick and Maya also notice the sudden tight and amicable working relationship of the former sworn enemies.

Once alone, Ridge and Quinn discuss how to best interact with each other in the future.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 74 (7537)

Pam is in disbelief that Ridge and Quinn could be having an affair. Ridge and Quinn agree to keep their latest kiss quiet as they admit their true feelings for each other. In the corridor, Pam tries desperately to convince Charlie that Ridge worked too hard to reconcile with Eric to blow it by cheating with Quinn.

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