kykNET – Binnelanders Teasers February 2018 (#Binnelanders)

Binnelanders Teasers February 2018 – Upcoming kykNET drama series ‘Binnelanders’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for February 2018. 

Coming up on Binnelanders this February 2018:

Thursday 1 February 2018
(Episode 169/2925)

The internet makes At livid, while Dirk feels uncomfortable in Ami’s presence. Quinton and Karli’s whiskey problem worsens, and Ferdi stuns Naomi. Busi is back in Pretoria, while kids are a sore point for Tertius. Ciske Smal’s sleuthing pays off in a big way.

Friday 2 February 2018
(Episode 170/2926)

There are a lot of different reactions to an arrest, and Ilse wants to come out with the truth. Dirk is admitted to ER, while the Ferreiras will need to keep track of their stories when they are confronted by Ciske. Ami’s worries irritate Pippa, while Wimpie lets his truth flow freely.

Monday 5 February 2018
(Episode 171/2927)

Conrad makes fun of Dirk about Ami, and Karli’s words make Like uncomfortable. At humiliates Okkie in Tonik, while Ciske’s story needs more meat. Pippa thinks she knows what Ami’s agenda is, and bad news about Ferdi causes Wimpie to reach out.

Tuesday 6 February 2018
(Episode 172/2928)

Pippa has mixed feelings about Dirk’s decision, while Lexi’f first day at university commences. Okkie receives an upsetting call, and Quinton tries, again, to distract Tertius’s attention. An article upsets more than one Binnelander, while Louis tries to rectify a situation. Quinton needs to think on his feet when it comes to Tertius and Karli, and Naomi wants to go to the police.

Wednesday 7 February 2018
(Episode 173/2929)

For the first time, Louis realises what Naomi had to go through, and Lexi feels she is missing out on student life. Dirk has a gift for Ami, while Herman is furious about the current situation. Ilse is livid with Okkie, And Noami realises what her future might entail. Pippa confronts Dirk about his ‘friendship’, while Wimpie hears the latest news on Naomi and Okkie.

Thursday 8 February 2018
(Episode 174/2930)

Naomi’s charge is changed, and Tertius and Bronwyn try to bring Pippa to new insights. Okkie realises Wimpie is broken, while a brouch causes a huge ruckus. Lexi shocks her parents with her announcement, and Louis is tired of being left out. Quinton doesn’t want to be the middleman anymore, while Wimpie is out for blood.

Friday 9 February 2018
(Episode 175/2931)

Quinton and Tertius have a falling out over respect, and Noami’s friends feel they were left in the dark. Dirk tells Pippa the truth about Cecile, while an inheritance bewilders someone. Wimpie believes in Ferdi’s innocence, and Karli has had enough of Quinton’s meddling. Naomi is arrested.

Monday 12 February 2018
(Episode 176/2932)

Bronwyn is not happy with Steve’s decision, while Louis is unsure about a farewell. Pippa defends Noami with At, while Annelize’s curiosity leads to conflict between her and Conrad.

Forgiveness is not an effortless road, and Pippa makes an effort with Ami. Karen wants to help Wimpie take revenge, and Noami has an unpleasant experience with a patient.

Tuesday 13 February 2018
(Episode 177/2933)

Wimpie is unsure if he is willing to pay the price for retaliation, and Busi confronts Pippa about her behaviour towards Ami. Ruben gives Quinton sound advice, while a small witch hunt breaks out.

Okkie’s concern is not understood, and Dirk shares another decision with Pippa. Bronwyn suffers without Lexi.

Wednesday 14 February 2018
(Episode 178/2934)

Valentine’s Day is not equally important to everyone, and Karen realises who Naomi really is. An empty house gives Steve ideas, while Annelize has a fight with Conrad about a nurse.

A photo of a teddy bear could be the beginning of a bigger story, and an unimpressed Karli thinks about what Quinton said. Louis refuses to leave Naomi alone, while Ciske and Karen can’t believe their luck.
Thursday 15 February 2018
(Episode 179/2935)

Dirk has his reasons for an offer, while Naomi and Okkie can’t escape their past. Lexi comes up with an idea to apologise, and a search for an ex begins. Wimpie tells Karen about Okkie’s visit, while whiskey becomes a peace pipe. Naomi makes Ciske an offer she can’t refuse.

Friday 16 February 2018
(Episode 180/2936)

Dirk speaks honestly to Tertius about his decisions, and Karli thinks she is responsible for Quinton’s improved attitude. Naomi stuns Okkie with news, while Wimpie’s crisis doesn’t pique Karen’s attention.

Busi gives Pippa the cold hard facts, and Ciske puts Karen in her place. Eventually Naomi and Wimpie face each other, and Pippa’s guilty conscience is eating away at her.

Monday 19 February 2018
(Episode 181/2937)

Quinton is his old self again, and Wimpie is unsure which version of Ferdi is the truth. Ami’s decision leads to more than one honest conversation, while a lie haunts Bronwyn. Wimpie’s true friends are revealed to him, and Conrad is looking for info on Jana from At. A prank leads to a shared ‘punishment’.

Tuesday 20 February 2018
(Episode 182/2938)

Okkie sees the silver-lining, and age is a sore point for Bronwyn. Ami asks Pippa’s assistance with Dirk, while Renate could be the heroine of a story. Tertius’s question makes Quinton uncomfortable – until he sees Karli. Wimpie’s faith is shattered, while Naomi’s own voice sends shockwaves through her soul.

Wednesday 21 February 2018
(Episode 183/2939)

Dirk shares his plans with Pippa, and Quinton lies to Tertius about his whereabouts. Naomi has to work through her very mixed feelings, while Wimpie and Karli are riddled with regret. An engagement ring is a shocking discovery, and Naomi has a plan with Ferdi’s assets.

Thursday 22 February 2018
(Episode 184/2940)

Annelize’s excitement knows no bounds after her meeting with Maggie, and Quinton is struggling to hide his feelings. A conference in the Seychelles piques someone’s interest, and Pippa thinks Naomi should return to her normal routine. There is renewed interest in Jana’s return, while a night of passion has its own obstacles.

Friday 23 February 2018
(Episode 185/2941)

Conrad is very sure about Jana’s position, and a dance could lead to conflict. Naomi begins to wonder about Karli and Quinton’s ‘friendship’, while Conrad wants information on At and Jana from Louis.

Tertius talks to Bronwyn about her results, and a huge falling out gives Conrad new insights on more than one relationship. Naomi discusses matters of the heart with Karli.

Monday 26 February 2018
(Episode 186/2942)

Conrad’s guilty conscience haunts him, while Annelize grabs a golden opportunity to strengthen her ambition. Quinton and Karli have a fight concerning the previous night’s shenanigans, and Steve doesn’t give Annelize peace of mind.

Ruben asks his friends advice concerning Lexi, while Bronwyn is unfulfilled at work. Karli opens her heart towards Noami, and Conrad is unhappy with Annelize’s shameless behaviour.

Tuesday 27 February 2018
(Episode 187/2943)

Karli decides to give Quinton some of his own medicine, and Ilse has advice for Bronwyn. Conrad tries to keep everyone happy, while a huge falling out in Ongevalle causes Naomi to talk openly with Tertius.

Ruben moves in with the Ferreiras, and Conrad realises what Anneliz’s modus operandi is. At gets a huge surprise, and Bronwyn shares her future plans with Steve.

Wednesday 28 February 2018
(Episode 188/2944)

Annelize is caught completely off guard, and At wants answers about his marriage. Tertius and Naomi read Quinton’s behaviour, while Bronwyn doesn’t like Ilse idea.

Quinton realises what he has done, while there is more than one unsettling event at the Oncology unit. While supporting Wimpie, Bronwyn realises what she wants to do with her life.

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