Best Trendy Footwear for Travel

Footwear for Travel
Footwear for Travel

For some people, traveling is all about relaxing at the beach and enjoying the ocean. But, in order to really experience your destination to the fullest, you must do some exploration on foot. And for that, it’s very important to pack some comfortable, durable and appropriate footwear to keep your feet safe and comfy on your adventures. You might have trouble separating from your heels, but they really aren’t the best choice for travel. So, leave your pumps at home and opt for these trendy yet much more comfortable travel footwear choices.


Any shoulder season (end of spring or beginning of fall) is the perfect time for espadrilles. If you’re visiting a country with a minimal amount of rainfall, these are your perfect choice of footwear. They are cozy even after long walks and very practical for long-hour flights or bus rides because you can easily lip them on and off to prevent your feet from swelling up. And, no matter if you wear classic slip-ons or a model that ties around your leg, a stylish pair of espadrilles matches everything from skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts and even tights!

Flat sandals

If you overheat easily and need to keep cool on your vacation, a comfy pair of sandals will come in very handy on your trip. They will allow your feet to breathe without causing any discomfort. If you choose some trendy sandals, you don’t have to pack anything special to wear with them. They go hand in hand with everything from dresses to jeans and they will provide comfort even when conquering some rugged terrain. And, feel free to pack more than one pair, because they are super light and won’t take up any space in your suitcase! If you’re looking for the best travel experience, choose models that offer both style and good support to keep your feet and joints protected.

Flat sandals
Flat sandals


If you need something breathable yet easier to slip on than espadrilles and sandals, grab a pair of stylish slippers. You’ve probably seen plenty of celebs rocking these when picking up groceries or coming back from the gym, so if they’re good enough for stars like Gigi Hadid and Jessica Alba, they are good enough for us mortals! Find a light and trendy pair of sliders and make your vacation light as a feather!

Classic sneakers

Those of us who love to sprinkle our vacations with a little adventure must pack good sneakers. These will provide you with comfort even after hours of exploration and definitely make catching a bus a little easier. Sneakers also offer great foot support and protect your feet from possible injuries (these happen on hikes and wildlife explorations). Plus, they are super trendy and stylish, no matter what your aesthetics is. Since they are the next big thing in fashion, good kicks can even be matched with evening wear (did you see Serena Williams’ Met Gala look where she paired an Atelier Versace gown with matching Nike sneakers?)


When we say ‘vacation’, most of us think of warm destinations near the ocean showered in sun. But, that’s not everyone’s ideal trip! If you prefer colder destinations, you must bring comfy yet warm footwear, so think boots. You definitely want something light that you can squish into your suitcase yet insulated so you feel comfortable on your long chilly walks. Your safest bet is something ankle-high with wool for insulation. That will take you through snow, rain and anything in between and it will go perfectly with jeans, leggings, coats and windbreakers.

Good footwear will provide you with all the comfort you need, no matter if you’re chilling in a café or exploring the streets of your destination. Plus, none of these footwear options will hog our luggage, so you’ll have plenty of space left to do some shopping on your vacation!