Best Outfit Ideas for a Brunch Date with Friends

Brunch Date
What’s a more iconic girlfriends scene than going out together for a casual Sunday brunch? It’s featured in basically every movie that stars gal pals and it’s every girl’s dream to be able to do that every Sunday of the month. But it is an occasion, and you want to make sure you are dressed in the right way to fit the occasion. So here are some style ideas that will make you look straight out of “Sex and the City”.


Even if you skipped the gym that day, sportswear has become a sort of staple of weekend brunches as it’s so easy to walk straight out of the gym and get a mimosa and some carpaccio with friends. Start with a fashionable pair of sports leggings, something that is a thick enough material to be able to pass as pants and has a print or strategic laser cut-outs. Add a sports bra with some interesting strap detailing in the back and a not-exactly-workout loose shirt that falls off your shoulders. Finish it off with a pair of tennis shoes and your hair up in a high ponytail with an optional hat. Put your things in a backpack or a small sports bag – or go minimal and just carry a small wallet purse and your phone in your hands.

Young and fresh

Young and fresh
It’s still summer and you want to wear something that is quite light and young and won’t make you want to jump out of your skin. Start with your choice of shorts: ripped denim or short industrial safari-style. Pair it with a plain white T with your neckline of choice. Skip the crop top, because you’re already showing a whole lot of leg, so cover up the belly. Go for tennis shoes or some All Stars and throw on a hat of your choice to protect you from the heat. Feel free to accessorize with earrings or bracelets and wear any casual bag of your choice.