Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

If you own a small business, then we have some bad news for you, data breaching registered reports shows that 42% of reports of data breaching are registered by small business owners. This is an alarming situation for you if you are not fortifying your data you are a very easy and simple target for the Hacker to steal more without putting more efforts.

Small business is at the top of the hit list for hackers because of fewer resources they don’t put more money and they don’t afford to hire more staff, but this will cause you unrepairable damage. We have something very cheap solution for you, BlurSPY. Being a business owner, we know how much worried you are about cyber security threats and security risk. Companies are facing more serious security challenges regarding their websites, data and customer information. 

Spying apps:

Every single computer terminal is a welcoming entrance for cyber security attack. If you have left even a single computer unprotected, this means you have protected none! If you break the loop it is no more a circle! This means each computer that is used in your organisation need to be secure. Invest your money in the right place! Invest in the business level antivirus and spying software in each computer of your organization. If you want to invest in the best spying software, then you should go for BlurSPY

Why to trust BlurSPY?

Choose BlurSPY because it will provide you with all objectives which are considered as the pillars of good spying application. From location tracking to browser history coming out, phone monitoring software, BlurSPY, gives you access to all features. Sophisticated monitoring software helps you keep an eye on anything suspicious happening in your office or in your child’s life. All systems are competent with BlurSPY Android Spy software, from blackberry to Android and iPhone to Tablet, the operating system is not a hindrance in its complete function.

Watch over on employees:

Your employee’s are very important assets of your organization. They should be loyal and trustworthy to you and your business. They are the one who is closer to your business data and dealings. We know your employees are loyal to you, we are not saying anything wrong about them but keep in mind a fact that after all they are humans, any mouth-watering offer can take your loyalty away. So, it’s better to keep an eye on them and none can do this better than BlurSPY the employee Tracking system, it features;

  • Listen to all incoming and out coming calls live
  • If you don’t want to listen it live, record all incoming and out coming calls
  • Since most of the conversation is done by SMS, there is more chance of information leak through them, you can spy on them as well
  • You can have access to all their contact list to know who is in contact with whom

The best thing is that you can do all this spying activity without creating any doubt in the owner of the target device.

Real Time Monitoring:

You can monitor your employees in real-time using cell monitoring app, BlurSPY.  GPS tracker is an amazing feature of BlurSPY that records all locations visited by the target cell phone. BlurSPY always keeps a record of things to see later, even after deletion from the target device. You can get weekly reports and location history in your dashboard. In addition, it is very easy to mark safe areas on the map for your children or employees. After crossing the line, BlurSPY always beeps with a notification. With this the feature you can watch over your business per miles, you can track their location to know where they are paying a visit to the office hours.

Live control panel:

BlurSPY cell phone monitoring app creates a dashboard for you where you can monitor activities of your employees live and with ease. You can have access to all the features and the output that is given by the employee tracking software BlurSPY. Open the link, fill the credentials and here you go, spy now with, phone surveillance application BlurSPY.

Watch over the activities:

The BlurSPY cellular spy application secretly captures photos without giving the target owner the slightest hint. This snippet is uploaded directly to the online web-based admin Panel account and you can infer valuable information about your target, where your target has been and the people he has met. You can easily research the whereabouts of your employee by spying on his camera and photo gallery.

What is the employee monitoring? 

You might be anxious to know about employee monitoring. Since, in this age of modernization you can’t trust on your blood relations so to trust your working personnel is something beyond one’s mind. Employee monitoring is the process to gather all the information about the working details of the working personnel. It is a method to collect every minor detail about the working employees over your working place. Whether your staffs are working from the office or from the home you need proper tracking software to track about their minor details and the best way for their time tracking. Monitor spy enables you to catch all the minor details of the working of your personnel timely on your computer. Moreover, over the internet, there are ample of software that enables you to catch all the minor details through it. All in all, the safety of every worker is in their own hands, so the top-notch software enables to grasp you all the details effectively.

All in all, we have provided the best working software that enables your eagle’s eye on the performance of your employees while they are working or not. Moreover, these tools ideally consist of all those features and the specification that protect your working atmosphere from the cyber bullying, predator’s, pornography and others