10 Best baking classes around the world

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Most of the time, we are cooking at our homes daily, enjoying the satisfying effect of molding dough. The feeling of success upon our latest baked product emerges out of the oven, smell like heaven. The compliments from the family members and friends are like no other once you are done with the baked stuff. One can improve the art of baking with time and can also join baking classes. The list of baking classes in Singapore is also available. 

Best baking classes

But this is highly recommended to go out of home and learn new tips or techniques from some professional baking enthusiasts. This can add some more spark in your routine of baking. Better to join some baking workshops with a holiday so you can incorporate what you have learned so far.

So taking some short workshop classes is always better to learn to make bread or other items in a shorter period. But now you can extensively learn from online mediums, there are so many recipes and channels are out there that can teach you every little point about baking.

This post is going to give you the details about the best baking classes and workshops around the world. These classes are arranged by the best teachers from the baking industry. So if you are serious about learning baking skills, you should go for a proper teacher and authentic institute to learn this art.

Here are 10 best baking classes in the world to train you amazingly;

1. Culinary Institute of America

This institute was founded in 1946, and it is considered the best school in New York. You can also get yourself registered at Napa and St. Helena, California, Texas, and in Singapore. The Culinary Institute of America is a private institute that focuses more on providing top-notch skills to its students.

This is the first culinary school that started offering an Associate degree in culinary art back in 1971 and a Bachelor’s degree in 1991. You can find so many options at this school, this is how you can choose different specializations for your career path.

You could get training to become a 5-star head chef, pastry chef, or study food management and hotel management.

2. Institute of Culinary Education

This Institute of Culinary Education in New York-based baking school, where you can find ample baking classes. Their amazing course outline is for epicureans who aspire to focus particularly on baking. There you would be able to choose from dozens of unique and state of the art classes.

Such an environment can help you master baking truffles, doughnuts, cheesecakes, cakes, and the list is not going to end ever. You can take your baked creation to your home so you can enjoy it with your family.

3. Le Gargantua Anzex

Le Gargantua Anzex is situated at an isolated countryside farmhouse in France, well known for the baking institute. This certainly varies from the other big schools that we have already talked about.

So far. The hospitality you can find there are nowhere practices and the host is not familiar with the generosity limits. So you will be welcomed warmly and you will be offered meals, accommodation and trips to adjoining bakeries so you can see what practical things look like.

This course is going to cover a long list of French pastries; for instance eclairs with cream filling, tarts with crust and much more. This school is welcoming for both; beginners and professional’s students, above all the immersion of tranquil surroundings, making it more tempting.

4. Ballymaloe Cookery School

This school in Ireland is famous for its 12 weeks intensive certification, and the classes are held in afternoons and you can also find weekend classes there. This institute is best for all those who are already settled in some professional routine and want to enhance their skills.

These classes are organized on the 100 acres of organic farms in the southeast of the Irish Sea. You can go for British, French and Irish baking classes. You would learn cakes, decorating celebration cakes and pastries.

Ballymaloe Cookery School is perfect for beginners and baking enthusiasts and all others who are eager to learn the magnificent art of baking.

5. Bread Ahead

This Bread Ahead UK was opened in Feb 2014, in the London Borough market which is known as the heart of foodies. The school was developed by Matt Jones and Justin Gellatly as both love bread. This is masterfully depicting the trespassers of how baking is wonderful. Their culinary school is famous for teaching pizza making, croissants, flatbread, and Celtic baking with lots of popular German Christmas decorations.

6. Magnolia bakery

Magnolia Bakery is a New York-based baking institute, their cupcakes cannot be compared with others. But now you can take classes on icing from Manhattan, Chicago or Los Angeles which last for an hour and a half. You can learn at this institute some classics and specialty filled cupcakes. You can also get a chance to learn flower cupcakes, piped cupcakes, and swirling cupcakes. It depends on the strength of the class; you can take 6 cupcakes or full cake with you.

7. Los Dos

One of the most popular baking classes in Sterling Merida Mexico is held at Los Dos. This baking school is known as the Taste of Yucatan. This Mexican based baking institute offers an overview of Maya practices and ingredients, different bakery visits, expert instructions, and a proper afternoon meal.

8. Catacurian Institute

This baking school is situated at El Masroig Catalonia, Spain; a place just 100 miles away from Barcelona. This school offers various classes and workshops on regional and local specialties including charcoal-grilled meat, rice, and paella besides cakes.

9. CPH Good Food

Mia Kristensen and Jacob Damaard; Danish duo shared their love for Nordic cuisine through these classes. They focus on cultural Nordic food and the most popular dishes and are known well for the best regional baked products in the region.

These dishes include; Nordic baked food, focusing on black currants, gooseberries, and some local crops. So if you are in Denmark, try to visit Copenhagen and attend their classes if you are interested in learning some locally baked items.

10. Zopf

This Zopf is a Japan’s bakery, 40 minutes away from Tokyo. This is offering a huge variety of bread with hundreds of types available at a time. These are made out of natural yeast and flour that they mill at their own. You can get bread at any time, they have local and western types of bread at their place.

This Zopf is offering 21 different workshops that are divided according to the workshop’s subject. They bake sweet rolls, table rolls, French bread and Rye; these are few names from their menu list. And they add all these bread in their workshops menu, according to the experience of students.

They have divided their workshops into six levels; starting from the students that can learn baking bread on their own and this can take them to a professional level so they work in the industry.


This is an amazing opportunity to learn and practice baking from different corners of the world. If you are interested and have a crazy feeling to learn some unfamiliar techniques, this is the best option to find the best-suited institute. And pack your bag and embark on the journey of being a professional baker.