10 Tips to Find the Best Athletic Shoes

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Find the Best Athletic Shoes
Find the Best Athletic Shoes

Do you need Athletic Shoes? Performing any sport without the right gear may cause many problems for you. Whether you want to play tennis, badminton or football, your shoes directly influence your performance. So while buying athletic shoes, you are not just putting your money at stake but much more than that. 

The point being, instead of purchasing athletic shoes randomly, you should keep the following tips in mind:    

Know Your Activity to buy best Athletic Shoes

First thing’s first. Make sure you wear shoes according to the sport or activity. You simply can’t wear basketball shoes while playing tennis because they fall in different categories and they both serve different purposes. 

The mechanics of every athletic game are different from the other so you can’t use the same pair of shoes for multiple games. Once you have identified the purpose of your shoes, you have much more clarity about how to proceed further. 

Identify Your Budget 

Typically, the price of athletic shoes begins from $20 and goes up to $200. If you can afford anything between $50 to $100, you are likely to get quality shoes like SportzBits.

However, don’t be lazy to predetermine the budget, because once you fall in love with a pair of shoes, it is tough to resist yourself from buying them even when they are well-beyond your means. You should not put yourself in such an awkward situation.  

Don’t Shop Early in the Day

Many people shop during their free time. But timing is very critical when it comes to athletic shoes. As our feet tend to swell up during athletic activities or toward the evening, it is better to buy shoes during that time since your feet won’t feel uncomfortable while you play the sport.  

Apply the Rule of Thumb

Participating in sports means a lot of running around and physical activity, which is why there must be extra space in your shoes. If the shoes are a perfect fit, you might feel pain in your feet. Going by the rule of thumb, your shoes must have space to accommodate your feet in a better way.   

If your toes are able to freely move inside, then the shoes are good to go. Wearing the right athletic shoes protect you from common injuries. 

Observe Your Gait

Athletic shoes are manufactured for all kinds of gaits. For example, If your feet overpronate (roll inward) and your friend’s feet oversupinate (are more towards the outside) then you both will require different kinds of shoes. 

If you find it hard to analyze your gait, you should bring your old shoes along to make it easier for the salesman as well yourself. 

Wear Your own Socks 

There are a variety of socks available in the market. Some have a thicker material which means more space in your shoes. So when you buy shoes, make sure you wear the socks that you like, since, you might be tricked to buy the wrong size.

Try Various Brands 

It’s good that you have researched deeply about whatever kind of shoes you want. But reading about shoes and trying them is not the same. Always try different brands before choosing the one you like best. Buy what makes you comfortable, even if it means not opting for your favorite brand. 

Take Your Time 

You can’t try each and every pair of shoes in the store, though you should try at least 5 shoes that fall within your price range, activity, and size. You can instantly like the first pair of shoes as soon as you walk in the store, but you never know, there could be better and more compatible shoes. After all, quality comes out of quantity.

Ignore the “Break-In Period” 

That’s the favorite line of salesmen. When they see a customer not buying shoes just because the size is a little too small, they say “ shoes break-in” — don’t fall for this. If you don’t feel comfortable in your athletic shoes, try different ones. You can’t wait forever for your feet to adjust in your new shoes. It’s better to buy the shoes which fit perfectly and do not require the break-in period.

Check the Return Policy 

This is a great advantage, as you have the option to return the shoes if you are not satisfied with them. You can test them by performing various activities and check its features. 

The Last Verdict 

As you can see, selecting athletic shoes is not easy and you find it a bit tricky. Every single factor counts no matter how minor it may be. We all know that salesmen are smart and convinicing. But you can’t be fooled if you follow the tips mentioned above.