‘Bernardeschi said he would never join Juve’

Marcos Alonso says it is “almost impossible” to turn down Juventus after Federico Bernardeschi made the switch from Fiorentina.

The Viola have a long-standing enmity for the Bianconeri, which made it especially tough for them to see the 23-year-old Italian winger sign for the enemy in a €40m deal.

“They’re all leaving Florence, but I don’t know whose fault it is,” the Chelsea wing-back told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I still wish the best for Fiorentina, I was happy there and I still have good memories of the city and my teammates.”

Bernardeschi will have been well-versed in the Tuscan club’s hatred for all things Juve, and of the history of the No. 10 shirt he wore last season, previously held by Roberto Baggio, who made the same switch from Florence to Turin in 1990.

“When he signed his renewal he said he’d never go to Juventus,” Alonso said. “But you can never say that in football.

“It had already happened with [Brazilian goalkeeper] Neto, but Bernardeschi’s transfer definitely caused more of a stir.

“I don’t know if he’ll be welcomed on his return, but now he’s in a very important shirt and he’ll win trophies. Saying no to the Bianconeri is almost impossible.”

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