Australia drafts new energy rules to avoid more blackouts

The power crisis that has plagued South Australia for the greater part of the past year has been temporarily resolved, but officials have drafted a new set of proposals they think will improve the stability of energy supply in that State.

Chairman of the Australian Energy Markets Commission, John Pierce, said the State would become increasingly reliant on wind and solar energy, adding that it would be the only way to help stabilize the country’s power supply.

The string of proposals come in the wake of warnings on gas shortfalls and soaring energy prices. The transition towards renewable energy is expected to complicate the running of the national grid and that carries with it significant risks.Managing those risks is critical.

“Our reform package is looking at ways to stabilize the system as the generation mix changes, and new technology generators connect, said Pierce on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, head of electric car firm Tesla, Elon Musk told the world that he could solve Australia’s power crisis within 100 days, adding that he would do the job for free if he failed to meet that initial deadline.

It is not clear if that proposal has been taken on board at this juncture, or if it will feature in Australia’s energy plans going forward.

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