Archbishop Makgoba Really Hauled Zuma And SA's Leadership Over The Coals This Christmas

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba used his Christmas midnight mass sermon to lash out at South Africa’s current political leadership, making a comparison to living under an apartheid-era state of emergency.

“It feels as if we are back to the national pain of 1963, living under a state of emergency, imposed on us by careless and corrupt leaders who have forgotten us, stripped us of our dignity, ” said the Anglican archbishop of Cape Town in a speech prepared for delivery during his midnight sermon at St George’s Cathedral.

“People of faith need to begin asking: at what stage do we, as churches, as mosques, as synagogues, withdraw our moral support for a democratically-elected government?”

Makgoba said while he did not want to be asking questions such as these, the situation compelled South Africans to do so: “When do we name the gluttony, the inability to control the pursuit of excess? When do we name the fraudsters who are unable to control their insatiable appetite for obscene wealth, accumulated at the expense of the poorest of the poor?”

‘South Africa is not broken’

He said the church would remain defiant against President Jacob Zuma’s call that churches not get involved in political matters.

“A president of a democratic South Africa telling the church to stay out of politics? You would be forgiven for thinking that you had climbed into a time machine and gone back 30 years into the past, when apartheid presidents said the same thing,” said Makgoba.

“Mr President, we will ignore your call, made from the palaces of power where you and your fellow leaders live in comfort. We will lament and ask God, ‘Where are you, God, when your people are marginalised and excluded?'”

The archbishop said that the ANC appeared at “war” with itself.